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WhatsApp Acquisition Infographic – $19 Billion Deal

The most popular social network in the world – Facebook, buys messaging communication services company “WhatsApp” for $19billion. Facebook hopes to increase their popularity, especially among young people.
World’s most popular mobile messaging app, used by more than 450 million users around the world, enormous acquisition amount surprised Silicon Valley financial analysts. However, such a huge price underlines Facebook’s commitment to win at any cost mobile communication market.This acquisition should help Facebook to recover youth audience, which significantly decreases. Younger audience increasingly relying on mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat or their less popular rivals Line and WeChat.
Last year we posted an article and Whatsapp infographic WhatsApp Infographic 2013 – WhatsApp vs Facebook and Twitter. We would recommend you to read it if you are looking for more facts and statistics. We put together some interesting facts and statistics about Facebook’s WhatsApp deal and others mobile messaging apps acquisitions, and made this new WhatsApp infographic. Scroll down and enjoy!
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