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What is an Infographic?


In today’s digital world, more and more things are fighting for our attention. At the time that we normally spend at work, we face a five times greater amount of information than 30 years ago. One consequence is that our ability to concentrate within 12 seconds, 14 years ago, fell to the present 8 seconds. Internet content must be fast, accessible and digestible. At the same time must be informative and entertaining.

Mankind communicates through symbols from its inception. The only new thing is how infographics are used in communications and new media. Companies are investing more energy in the infographics, because their job is becoming more complex and the need for sharing demanding information in a simple and interesting way, is growing. Social media is also an important factor because people love to share information which is nice and have character.

What is an Infographic? It is one of the means of communication, and is most often found in the form of images, and they explaining certain situations, events and analysis in a very simple and interesting way. Infographics are one of the basic tools for creative communication, although there are many others. In any case, we see an increase in infographics in the digital world. So you should definitely use it as often as possible. Remember that it may be animated and used in the video. So, below you can check an video infographic which explains what is an infographic: