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Selfie Infographic – “Selfiegraphic” Facts and Statistics

Selfies are headlines and front-page news. President Barack Obama caught hell for taking selfies with world leaders at Mandela’s funeral ceremony. Kim Kardashian takes them of her butt and new bikinis.Justin Bieber made whole selfie music videoclip.And as you already know “Oscar selfie” produced by Ellen DeGeneres became most famous selfie of all time, braking retweets record and crashing Twitter.A selfie picture made with Samsung smartphone at Academy Awards made next day headlines. Samsung promised to give $1 to charity for each retweet most famous selfie will receive.. Selfies are everywhere. Currently it’s one of the most popular pictures type around the web. Selfie infographic “Selfiegraphic” shows us how popular selfies are around the world. Who is taking more selfies: man or woman? What are the selfie’s demographic range? And many other facts and statistics. Since 2012, the words “selfie” popularity grew more than 17,000 %! Selfies are new global phenomena and this selfie infographic helps us to understand why and how this is happening. This infographic is slightly different than any other we have published previously. Latest design trends are focused on the pictures, especially deep field and blurry images. Parallax effect today is widely popular among web designers community. “Selfiegraphic” infographic is static form of data visualization, therefore we cannot implement parallax effect. But we used simple solution to achieve similar effect. Selfie infographic background is made of most popular selfie pictures. We applied blur effect on all of these images and result was quite close to what’s trending right now. There are not many infographics around , using this type of background effects, but in the near future we will see more and more “deep field background” infographics. Selfies popularity was directly influenced by smartphones front camera functionality (first mobile front camera was build in iPhone 4). Smartphones camera’s quality is constantly improving and we can expect even bigger growth of selfies in the near future. Especially when application such as selfie.com will be launched really soon… Hope you will enjoy this selfie infographic , as we did creating it. Please share and don’t forget to leave your comments!

Selfie infographic “Selfiegraphic”