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Social Media Infographic 2014 – Trends and Statistics

Social Media Infographic 2014

2014 are less than 1 month away. Today we are publishing our first Social Media Infographic of 2014. We can assure that many more infographics will be posted in coming 2014.
We tried to focus on the new,”fresh” and trending social networks. We strongly believe, that these networks will grow even more within coming years. As we can see from Social Media Infographic 2014, most of the new and trending networks are mobile based. Internet and apps usage via smartphones is growing extremely fast. More and more mobile applications are available on mobile or tablet devices only. We can easily predict mobile application high growth within coming 2014 -2015 years.


Recently we posted article and collection of Vine Infographics.I would recommend you to read it, if you would like to know more facts about Vine Social Network. I believe Vine has a lot of potential and will be fastest growing network of its kind. If Vine will be able to fight against Instagram, and offer more services to their users, they have a high chance to take larger share of the market.


The ephemeral data applications are totally new product in the market. Consumers are not sure yet how to benefit or enjoy by using apps such as Snaptchat or Poke by Facebook. It will take some time before this type of applications will find their audience. Snapchat is growing quickly and as social media infographic 2014 shows – 350 million photos are uploaded every day via Snapchat application. It is quite impressive number for a totally new data sharing concept application.


Pheed was able to gain millions of users since 2012 and so far showing no sign to stop. Pheed application is regularly ranked as number one free app on Apple Store. Pheed allows you to make your shared content available to public or you can sell access to it.Theoretically, nothing ,what you share on Facebook, Google or other giant networks, is private anymore , Pheed has a good chance to gain even more popularity. Privacy issues becoming real problem and seems that Pheed might be a good solution for those who are concerned about their private information.


Line is a mobile phone app allowing to send free messages and make free calls. Line is very similar to WhatsApp. Line is growing very quickly, especially in Asia countries. With growing speed of 63000 new users per hour, Line quite soon should be one of the most popular apps among smartphone users.

Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest

Sadly , but now newcomers among leading social networks. Facebook leadership is strong, Twitter is growing quickly and Pinterest is currently most popular platform to share pictures and visual content. As social media infographic 2014 reveals, 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repins. Which means only 1/5 of the users are creating content.
Facebook mobile app popularity will intensively grow next year. Currently Facebook has 1.15 billion users and 751 million of them are using FB via mobile device. Scroll down and see more facts and statistics.

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Social Media Infographic 2014