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Web Performance Is User Experience

web performance is user experience

In the analog world, service companies have always been aware that the user is the most important part in the whole process and that the company would not exist when customers would not be satisfied with their services. This awareness has become increasingly important in the digital world. The growing of understanding of the technology gives users the power to have the experience that they want. So we are now witnessing the many applications in which the company simplify the whole process and make it intuitive, so that the user becomes one with his device. The reality is spreading in the virtual world, and all include a good user experience. Successful companies today are those in which the user has a good user experience and those who are aware that users are not interested in the background of the product, but for what they see and how they perceive it.

There are many factors that make a good user experience, one of them is web performance. When the Internet connection is slow, you certainly do not have the nerve to search anything. The same happens to potential visitors of your website if page loads slowly. No matter how interesting and quality information website contains visitors lose interest due to slow load or waiting for information. Research has shown that visitors are willing to wait 3-5 seconds for loading of web page, then they lose interest and move on. Web performance is an important factor because in addition to losing potential clients and visitors, and you lose a place in the search engines, slow websites are worse positioned.

Want to know how fast your website? You can check the speed of your website through Google tool. Enter the URL of a website in the search field and click Analyze. It will show you the speed on mobile devices and desktop computers. In addition to the test speed, there are some suggestions to improve the speed of the page.

Below you can check he infographic which shows why web performance is user experience  and why fast websites make users happy:

web performance is user experience