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7 Tips To Provide The Best Coding Experience To Your Child

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Technology has become an indispensable part of our life. Gone are the days when computers seemed like a mystery. Kids learn to operate a laptop and play games on a tablet or mobile quicker than learning to play any outdoor game. This is because they get exposure to these gadgets at a very tender age.

Moreover, school education is also dependant on technology so, in a way, it is good that the kids use a laptop with ease. Meanwhile, the responsibility of the parents has increased as they need to keep an eye on their kids so that they don’t misuse technology.

Parents should try and channelize their interest in the right direction so that they learn useful things in a fun-filled manner. Coding for kids is the most sought-after course with several Apps such as Cuemath among others that hone their skills by giving them a chance to experiment and bring out their hidden talent. Coding is a way of giving instructions to your computer.

Learning coding skills at a young age opens the doors to a vast array of avenues for them in the days to come. Logical reasoning and analytical skills are enhanced during coding sessions as the kids are asked to make projects that need them to think critically and analyse the problem at hand. It is a well-known fact that kids have a sharp and inquisitive brain and are keen observers. Young minds can grasp new things quickly and retain them for a longer time.

Coding classes for children effectively enhance other life skills like concentration, problem-solving and more importantly, resilience. Kids learn how to approach a problem while coding, understand it and then solve it bit by bit. As coding involves the application of mathematical concepts to a certain degree, it further enhances their mathematical skills.

Here are 7 things to keep in mind while choosing a coding class for your kids

1. Age-appropriate

Source: kids.lovetoknow.com

It classes are available for all age groups and have varied difficulty level. A child can start practising simple coding techniques at the age of five and there’s no upper age limit. Choose a well-structured program according to his age.

A good coding program builds a strong foundation by teaching the basics first before moving further to complex problems, building the child’s interest as it moves forward. On the other hand, if a ten-year-old who has basic knowledge of coding is enrolled in a very basic coding class, he will lose interest within no time as there will be nothing new in it for him to learn.

2. Choice

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Certain coding programs focus on particular languages like HTML, Python, CSS etc whereas others offer game-based programs. There is no end to the number of other avenues such as web development, animation, gaming etc. that a child can learn. So, discuss these choices with your child and try to ascertain where his interest lies before enrolling in a course. It is imperative to understand what he wants to learn so that he enjoys the session and looks forward to it.

3. Curriculum

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Look for a curriculum that is flexible and caters to all learning styles. It should cover almost all basic languages and offer a smooth transition from block-based learning that is relatively simple to text-based learning eventually.

4. Level of understanding

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Every child is unique and has a different level of understanding. A good coding program allows the child to enjoy learning. Analyse and discuss the curriculum and methodology used to explain the concepts before finalising. An ideal program should have ample activities and projects to practice.

5. Personalised guidance

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Constant support and monitoring is required during the learning process. Choose a class that gives personal attention to each child, hand-holding them whenever needed.

6. Regular assessment

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It is very important to assess the progress of the child from time to time to get an idea of whether the child has understood the concept or not. Regular tasks should be assigned to the child within a time frame.

7. Feedback

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Look for a program that maintains transparency. Parents should be apprised of their child’s progress from time to time so that they may also take corrective action whenever required.

Why should I enroll my child in a Coding Class?

A coding class not only teaches the skills involved in coding but teaches logical reasoning and life skills that are useful in other subjects that the child studies in school. Regardless of the fact whether he pursues coding as a career or not, the underlying skills that he learns while coding hone his overall personality.

Enrolling them in it class at an early age empowers them for the digital future. Their importance is further underlined in the fact that coding has now been introduced in schools as per the new Education policy that will come into effect soon. There is no better way to learn something new than by doing it yourself. Simply reading about coding from the textbook does not ignite that spark in the child. Experiential

learning is the best teaching methodology that is being used extensively nowadays. It classes provides a learning platform to the children that nurture their hidden talent and brings it to the forefront. They enjoy the interactive sessions and become adept at making projects that involve animations and gaming etc.

Kids get a chance to experiment and find innovative solutions to the problem at hand. Once they learn to code, they have fun building their website. Kids learn to apply the skills in their daily routine. It opens the doors to endless possibilities and they may decide to pursue coding as a career eventually.

Evaluate all the above facts carefully and choose the best coding class for your kid that will be a fun-filled enriching experience for him. Find the right learning platform and see your child learn new skills every day. Who knows? This may be just the right thing for him.