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Web Design Trend Predictions for 2016

Web design trend predictions for 2016

Web design stands as a channel to connect your brand with people (potential customers) all over the globe. Thus, as a designer and as an entrepreneur you should cherish this discovery. The previous year was marked by a wave of new trends in web design. Many of the early ideas were realized or have reached new levels of perfection. Retina screens, fixed headers, CSS transparency, endless scroll and minimalist landing pages are just some of the innovations in web design which rule in 2015, we can say, even, became mandatory when talking about the functionality and appearance of websites.

Web design is a thriving industry which is paving ways for users to hop onto the digitized experience on desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet and smart devices. As of January 2015, the world population using the internet has increased to 45% and over 570 websites are being created every minute!

If you follow the latest trends and pay attention to the elements of the sites you visit, you will see numerous examples of the above techniques, but also some new trends. So, what is it that we expect in the future in the world of web design and what rules you should follow if you want to be competitive? Take a look at infographic below which shows web design trend predictions for 2016:

Web Design Trend Predictions for 2016