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2016 Security Predictions

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2016 Security Predictions

We live in a times where cyber criminals have skills and resources along with the patience and persistence to create successful attacks on businesses, governments and consumers around the world. Hackers are turning their online crimes into large businesses while stealing private information on a big scale. Last year there were many mega breaches that affected millions of people. Sadly, there is no magic technology that can guarantee you 100% safety from crimes happening on the internet. But, if you prepare for it, you can prevent some targeted and serious attacks. So what lies ahead this year? What are biggest online threats that will target both businesses and consumers? How some of newest tech trends will impact our privacy? How companies and businesses respond to big breaches of data, but the biggest question is what will you do if you get breached?

As the year is going by, let’s go through the landscape of potential security threats, so you can know what to expect and thus defend yourself if possible. Social engineering is still one of biggest online threats. Cyber criminals are targeting specific users online with their custom tactic of social engineering, tricking people to give their private information. As technology is advancing, so are cyber criminals, targeting new platforms. Don’t be shocked if they come hacking your drone, mac laptop and android phone. Last year we saw hackers attacking Apple platform and I think those attacks could continue even further for the cause of sneaking different malware inside marketplace of Apple. There will also be more targeting attacks on iOS platform.  Automated attacks will bring security to its next level.  Protection that is signature based is no longer effective when it comes to automation as they are constantly successful in evading defense.

This happens because hackers are releasing threats on a bigger scale than human analysts are able to keep up with. So what is the solution then? It lies in implementing artificial intelligence and machines which can learn the pattern of recognizing those attacks and immediately react and also help in tracking the suspicious behavior. Hackers will also target school to get data. It’s no surprise because there’s a big amount of information collected about students while they are studying at school or university. Combine this with open networks found across the facilities of education and you get an idea. Unlike classic cyber criminals there are even more skillful and advanced ones. I would call them alien hijackers that are interfering and hijacking our signals broadcasting from space. In contrast to cyber criminals which are trying to stay under the radar most of the time, these criminals like to spread their message as wide and as big as possible, whatever it may be.

Technology is changing and landscape of security threats too. In order to protect yourself you need to follow some practices. Train your workers so they know about targeting social techniques, and make sure to have the latest network security so you can be sure and ready to deal with real time problems that are sure to occur this year!