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Wearable Technology in the Workplace


Wearable technologies are all those technologies that we carry with us every day and we can take advantage of a more comfortable life. These are smart watches, sunglasses, bracelets, T-shirts … Although these products are only in the beginning of development, we believe that it will soon become a very popular.

Wearable Technology is a new trend that is yet to come, and has already become interesting to many large companies. This technology refers to those devices that we can wear, and it synchronizes with a mobile device. Surely you are already familiar with some of these devices. A lot of dust was raised with Google Glass, which is one of the first of such products intended for a wider audience.

The idea of ​​wearable technology is not new and is not created yesterday, but it is obvious that in the last two to three years companies working intensively on it. The idea behind the wearable technologies is that facilitate daily life. Of course, it has positive and negative sides, but it is obvious that our smart phones makes our life easier. True, some exaggerate the use of the same, but it is undeniable that our lives are more comfortable, thanks to smart phones. Whenever we need something, we reach for smartphone, we find the information we need and move on with life. This is a trivial example of how we facilitate mobile access to information. The same idea is behind wearable technology – could wearable technology help people in everyday life? Immediate results are not visible, but we’ll see for few years.

Advantages and disadvantages of wearable technology

Wearable technology is something that will happen regardless of whether you are for it or against it. Look around you. Every other person is wearing glasses, almost all people have watch, the female population has bracelets and earrings … People carry on various pieces of jewelry or supplies, and why not to take advantage of these same subjects to the end? People wear glasses because they can not see well. But why don’t you have the Google glasses?

Benefits of wearable technology:

Direct content: Using applications on mobile takes time. If you need information immediately and in real time, it is better to use wearable technology. If it is of course possible. Hypothetically, wearable technology can bring all information at a glance while you are in contact with the environment and not wasting your time.

Better communication with the environment: As we said, the use of mobile phone sets you apart from the world. Like it or not, the cell phone screen is the wall that separates us, the user, from the rest of the world. When you use a cell phone, you briefly shutting in your world. Using wearable technology eliminates the “wall” and can interact with the environment without any obstacles.

Aesthetically nice: new devices will have to be aesthetically pleasing if we want to use it. Do you think that someone want to wear a smart watch that is big and ugly? Probably not. However, if the watch is nice, but also practical to use, the story changes. People, whether they want to admit it or not, they attach a lot of attention to appearance and wearable technology is no exception.

The benefits are many, and these are some of them. Of course, there are also negative aspects. One of these is a violation of privacy or sharing too much information with the manufacturer of the device. Yes, you do not have to use them if you do not want, but how do you hide from people with Google glasses that record down the street? It’s hard to find a balance and to say whether something is a breach of privacy, but the fact is that we have such devices, we are giving Google and other companies a lot of information about us. Furthermore, wearable technology can be very small and impractical for widespread use. Here is one example. Smart watch or bracelet are great if you are using it for reading a email or another type of message, but are quite impractical to answer the same. Try to write an email to a smart watch. At best, you’ll spend a half an hour to a few meaningful sentences. On the other hand, you have a smart phone with which it is much easier to answer.

Whatever the pros and cons of this technology are, no one can deny that this is a very interesting concept and technology that will create a new IT market. Already only it’s a good enough reason why you should encourage the development of such products, not to mention the fact that a variety of gadgets will facilitate and accelerate life.

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