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gaming lifestyle

What is a gamer? We rarely ask that question because we are usually certain what a gamer is. As gamers grow into young adults and enter into the “real world”, they are bombarded by a bunch of messages from everyone around them. They are told that the gaming lifestyle they grew up with is no longer appropriate for them. The only games that are currently praised by non-gaming sources as being worth something substantial are educational and fitness games. Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum you have “hardcore” gamers who devote most of their time and the majority of their paycheck to getting the best scores, the most achievements, and the satisfaction.Being a gamer, however, is not the same thing anymore. When I say ‘what is a gamer?’ I mean ‘what is a person who’s lifestyle involves, or is based around, playing video games?’.

Is it possible to live a well-rounded life but still enjoy the essential “gaming lifestyle”?

Being a gamer has changed in recent years to mean more than just a person who plays video games. It means more to just exist and play games. A gamer is someone who doesn’t just play games for fun, or a sense of superiority when pit against his peers. A gamer is someone who plays because it means something more to him than just that.That shut away stereotypical gamer. Firstly, research has demonstrated that gaming changes you positively.Gaming can also have a positive effect on personal affiliations – in a survey, researchers found that 76% of gamer couples found it strengthened the bonds of their relationship by gaming.

gaming couple

How to have a well-rounded “gaming lifestyle”?

The basic idea is that to be well-rounded you should have several hobbies and interests and a healthy level of social interaction. Go to local gaming events and conventions.You heard for a gaming convention? Pack your bags, bring your friends, sit in the car and drive to the convention. It is fascinating how much you’ll find there a lot of like-minded people who share the same passion for your favorite game as you.But what about alternate hobbies? Can there possibly be a hobby that gives you the mental stimulation of playing a video game but is considered more “productive”? The question that we should all ask ourselves is, instead, “What got me into gaming in the first place? What keeps me hooked on gaming now?”For some people, it was the characters, the stories, and the graphics of their favorite games that got them into gaming. For those people, I recommend learning how to draw characters, how to write stories, and how to create amazing graphics. Even if you only start out mimicing what you see in games, you will still be making something. This creative productivity will give you a craft of your own, and open your eyes to other aspects of the arts.

Do same things in real life what you do in games

For the treasure hunter, I recommend Geocaching, a real life treasure hunt. You’ll be on a real adventure in your own neighborhood. You’ll be out of the house, learning navigational skills, and you’ll be physically active; however, you’ll essentially be doing the same kinds of tasks you would in a game. You will experience an incredible rush when you find each cache and the feeling of accomplishment will equal, if not outweigh, the feeling you get from finding a hidden treasure in a video game.

For all the shooter fans and everyone who enjoys a little friendly competition, Laser Tag or Paintball. Those is an intense, fun, physically active games, but with the same basic mental processes that you experience in a first person shooter. Get the top score ,and you know you’ve accomplished something!


Use gaming properly

But those are just some ideas to get you out there and get active. Now, at this point you’re probably thinking “Well gee, it just sounds like this person wants me to give up my gaming lifestyle!” Not at all. You see, one could argue that the gaming lifestyle is living in a way that reflects your gaming. Never give up the game, but see if you can make real life a little more like the game. Gaming helps us all in real life,so be tactic and use the experience gained from the game to boost your life and lighten the daily life.

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gaming lifestyle