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How To Wash & Style A Raw Burmese Curly Wig – 2024 Guide

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Taking care of hair is a very important part of every woman’s life. For many ladies, beautiful shiny hair can make her day better instantly. There is something magical about going to a hairdresser, sitting in a comfortable chair, and watching how they make amazing things happen. Nicely styled hair can make a huge difference in a person’s appearance. And we know how unattractive greasy, unmaintained hair can look. That’s why taking some effort to wash and style your hair can make such a difference. It also affects our self-confidence and how we see ourselves in general.

Wigs can be a great solution for women with thinning hair. Or if you just want to make some change in your look once in a while. When it comes to taking care of wigs, the story remains the same. Eventhough that is not our natural hair, the maintenance isn’t that different. In the end, we don’t want people to notice it is not our real hair. It still needs to be washed, styled, and kept clean. Curly hair takes even more time and effort to look sleek and luxurious. And the same goes for wigs. If you don’t pay attention, you might end up with freezy, messy hair. And curly women know how frustrating that can be.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about how to wash and style a raw Burmese curly wig. With these tips and tricks, your curly hair extensions will look amazing. And they are always going to be ready for use. If you’re looking for a high-quality Raw Burmese Curly Wig you should check out Rie Hair Boutique. With that said, let’s talk about hair care.


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If you decided you want to invest in a wig, it makes sense to take a good cair of it. It doesn’t matter if you wear it daily, or you keep it for some special occasions. You need to wash it and keep it clean as you would your real hair. Of course, you don’t need to wash it two or three times a week, but every few weeks would be ideal. Since they are on your head, they do tend to get dirty and messy. And that is something that everyone can notice. That’s why you want to freshen it up and give it back that initial glow.

Before washing it, we always recommend checking the instructions for that particular wig. Something that remains the same for all of them is that you need to wash them carefully, and not be too harsh. The simplest way to do it is to fill your bathtub with warm (or lukewarm) water. The right amount of water is the one that ensures the wig is completely submerged. After you wet the wig, apply some wig shampoo and gently spread it over.

Again, don’t rub it in too aggressively, since it can harm the hair. You want the curls to remain sleek and nicely shaped. Lastly, rinse it off under running water. It would be best if you placed it directly below the tap. And let the water runs from the root to the hair ends. That way, you won’t tangle the curls. Lay it on the towel and pat it with another towel a few times, so you start the drying process. Avoid rubbing the hair since it can make the curls look frizzy and damaged. Don’t use any blow dryers to fasten up the process. Instead, just let it air dry naturally.


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If you want your wig to look groomed, you need to make some effort. There are a few simple steps you can apply. Firstly, make a few sections of the hair. Sections can be smaller or larger, depending on the size of the curls. You’ll be more precise, and it is also going to be easier for you to brush it. Apply some detangling spray. That will soften the hair and prepare it for the brushing part. In case your hair extensions are made of synthetic hair, make sure you’re using the detangling mist for that purpose.

Eventually, brush the hair with some gentle, easy moves. You want to be careful and not damage the curls in any way. For the best performance, we recommend using the wide-toothed comb and skipping the regular brush you use for your real hair. It can make a mess on the wig, so better choose the proper one. If the curls are very tight, it would be best not to brush it at all, since it can become very frizzy and unbearable. Or try to use your fingers, if possible.


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If you find it helpful for restoring the hair, you can also cut the ends of your wig. That way, you will also get a new hairstyle. Another good advice is to do the deep conditioning once in a while. And if you like, you can even apply some argan oil or silicon serum to make it shiny and beautiful. Of course, be careful and make sure you’re not going to damage the wig by doing this.

We don’t recommend wearing the wig while sleeping, since it can tangle the curls. Also, store your wig somewhere where it is going to be safe and protected. Mannequin or wig stand can do the work. In case you have a hairnet, that can be a plus. Use the heat on your extensions only if they are 100% natural hair. Otherwise, you might end up losing your pricy, beautiful hair.


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Wearing a curly wig can freshen-up your look and make a change you’ve been looking forward to. A beautiful hairstyle can positively affect your confidence and boost your mood. So the wig or hair extensions can be a great option. But don’t worry. Taking care of the curly wig doesn’t have to be too demanding. You should pretty much follow the steps you go through while grooming your regular hair. Wash it every few weeks, brush it, and style the way you like. You can even use some of your favorite products or even heat if you are sure it won’t damage it. If you pay attention and maintain your curly wig nicely, it can last very long.