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Video Poker Strategy: How to Get Better Chances to Win

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With the technology progress in general, as well as evolution in gambling we suddenly got divided public when it comes to the type of gambling – online and video and on land and inside the casino type of gamblers.

Whether you are an old-school gambler who likes flashy casinos, cards or slot machines with handles to pull on, roulette tables with real wheels and those iconic sounds of the ball hitting around the wheel, or if you are more of a new age person that likes sitting down on your sofa with your phone, laptop or tablet and enjoying gambling online, with sounds made by app and touchscreens instead of real cards or handles in your arms, you need some sort of strategy if you want to win money.

Any gambling game, in real life or online in video format, will require you a plan, strategy and a bit of luck if you want to beat it. Today we are focusing on the online and video platform, and although plenty of you believe there isn’t a strategy to beat a gambling video game, we are here to tell you a different story.

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Before we start with the strategy that will help you get better chances of winning in video poker, let us tell those of you that don’t know, that video poker machines are also available in casinos. This info is just so you know that you are not limited to an online world of gambling. You can dress up and go out to your local casino and try this strategy on their video poker machine.

1. Use all the bonuses

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Whenever we are talking about casinos, online or offline, we always advise you to use whatever you get for free from them. So, no matter if those are free spins, free cash, or free points for something else always take that and use it to your advantage. The casinos that have some sort of loyalty bonuses or points will go toward your accommodation, meals or whatever else they have in offer, while the online world is tied to free spins, different bonuses or free cash. These are in place to make you play more, stay longer with their casino or simply reward your business if you are a long-time customer. Some of the bonuses and promotions by online casinos are there to draw you in as their new player, and no matter what it is you should always use that to the max, and give yourself more chances to win.

2. Check the game

When someone says you need a strategy to beat a game it doesn’t always mean that you will have a strict pointer on how to beat it, sometimes strategy means using your head and doing some math. When we say a strategy should be checking a game out, this means that you need to read up on the game, check its tables and RTP and decide if this is the machine and the type of game you want to put your money in. video poker has to be based on one 52 card deck and this will mean a very clear and concise pay table, unlike slots that you never know what and how much they pay. Video poker is a bit more standardized and the pay tables are as well so it is easier to determine if a certain machine or a variant of video poker is more worth than others.

3. Find the best game

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Despite looking at pay tables in video poker, and finding the one that pays best you also want to hunt down the best game that the casino offers, especially if you are playing video poker in the actual casino. Now there are games you like and there are games you should be playing if you want the biggest chance of winning. The games you like may be jacks or better but you may find a better game with a double bonus that will pay more and will require you to switch up the strategy a bit. It does require a bit of looking around and a bit of research but if you want to tilt the odds in your favour you need to do it.

4. Learn to play

This may seem a bit silly but those of you who frequently want to win in video poker must learn to play the game they choose. In every hand that is dealt in video poker, there is only one mathematically correct way to play that game to win. You can download the strategies charts for this to help you out, but keep in mind there are different strategies for different video poker games as well as different strategies for different pay tables.

5. Practice first

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Before logging in to your favourite online casino or before you put your shoes on and go to your local casino try and practice video poker for a bit. All of us are the king of something in our minds and we all believe that we have god given talent for something. There are training programs for video poker just like for anything else that will be brutally honest with you and show you if and where you are good in the game as well as where you aren’t. that is a pretty big deal and it can help you run simulations for millions of hands and utilize those strategic charts and learn to apply correct strategies whenever you get the chance.

6. Be reasonable

This is probably redundant and not needed but this is one of the biggest strategies that will pay off in the long run. As you know the casino has the edge in the long run but only if you don’t know how to control yourself. We are all on top of our luck and game in the shorter series of gambling but anything over a longer period and longer span will mean that the house will have its edge over you. this is why pacing, knowing when to stop and knowing how to set up your bank is really important and that is what will save your neck in the long run against the casino. Make sure you have a solid bank strategy and have a strategy over yourself and you will never be in a financial deficit. Just make sure you stick to that strategy.