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How Do Professionals Clean Dirty Grouts?

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In general, tiles are incredibly easy to maintain and clean, however, an unavoidable part of having tiles in your house is grouts. They’re light in color and can corrode relatively quickly, which leaves them stained and looking like you’ve never cleaned them since you installed the tiles.

If your grouts are looking like they have to be replaced, you might be wondering how professionals clean dirty grouts. Fortunately for all individuals that are in the same situation, our article can help! Here is our list of the most typical ways professionals clean grouts:

Method 01: Utilizing Vinegar And a Bit of Baking Powder

One of the things that a lot of professionals opt for, especially if they must make sure that the products, they utilize are natural is a combo of baking powder and vinegar. To try scrubbing your grouts by using these two ingredients, you should cover them with a bit of baking soda and then add a little bit of vinegar to them. Now, don’t worry, the mixture will start foaming immediately after you add vinegar, and this is completely normal.

Once it stops foaming, you should use a bristle brush for scrubbing the surface. When you’re done scrubbing away, you should rinse the mixture and dirt with h20, and don’t forget to that the area must be wiped completely so that it’s dry. You must remember, that if the grout isn’t sealed, you should only add baking soda to it and scrub it since the vinegar will most likely damage them and, perhaps, other surfaces on your flooring.

Method 02: Hydrogen Peroxide Can Help

As we already mentioned, grouts can stain quickly and easily, which is why you might have to use hydrogen if you’ve noticed small to moderate staining. This particular product is available in almost all pharmacies and it isn’t expensive, thus, you could solve your grout problem relatively quickly. There are two ways that you could use it – either by itself or by making a paste by combining baking powder and hydrogen.

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Now, this particular product won’t damage the flooring or the grouts, which suggests that you could use it for both unsealed area and ones that are sealed. The cleansing process is basically the same as in method 01, hence, depending on what you’ll use – only hydrogen or hydrogen with baking powder – you should simply apply it to the surface you need to work on, leave it to settle for a few minutes, mop the dirt out, and then rinse it with water.

Method 03: There Are Stain Removal Products That You Could Buy

One of the most frequent things that professionals use when working on grouts is stain removal products. Choosing the best and most reliable product available on the market will make the entire process simpler and quicker for you, and besides removing stains and dirt, it’ll also remove any mold that might have developed, hence, you could end up completely refreshing the grouts to their previous condition, meaning that they’ll be white again.

Such maintenance products could be utilized in 2 ways – either by spraying it and wiping it down or by working the product in with a brush. Products that can be sprayed turned out to be more efficient and you won’t need to scrub, which is something that’ll save a lot of time. You must remember, that these products can contain some acid or bleach, hence, you must learn more about them and the entire process before putting them to your grouts.

Method 04: Oxygen Bleach Will Remove Tough Stains

If the grouts are really greasy and have tough stains that you can’t remove with hydrogen, vinegar, or baking soda, you may require some oxygen bleach for removing them. You should know that such products are mostly marketed in the form of powders. Before applying it, you must ensure that you air out the room, and more importantly, you must make sure that you read the instructions on the box so that you could do everything in the right way.

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Nonetheless, you should leave the product for approximately 10 to 20 minutes (which will depend on the company that made it), and from there, you should rinse it out with water a few times. Additionally, to ensure that there isn’t any product left, you should use a dry cloth for drying out the area, and this won’t only remove any product that might be left, but it’ll also remove any dirt and debris that could end up resettling in the lines.

Method 05: Maintaining With Steam is Also an Option

You might not realize this, but if you have a steam mop, you’ll be capable of easily and quickly cleaning the grouts in your house. No matter how neglected they are, a steam mop will help you get all the stains out of the surfaces. Now, if you don’t have a steam mop, it might be a bit expensive for you to get one just so you could clean your grouts, hence, a different method from our list might be more suitable for you.

Method 6: Regular Maintenance is The Key

Last on our list isn’t really a method for cleaning grouts, it’s advice on how to keep them clean. When you’re done cleaning them, you should spray some cleaner or vinegar into the floors, and wipe them down once in 7 days so that you could prevent stains or mold from developing. By regularly maintaining the grouts, you could be less time-consuming, and that’ll save money and effort, since you won’t have to go through long processes every time when you clean your home.


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Grouts could be a complete nightmare to wash, however, it doesn’t really have to be like that, especially if you know what you need to use and do in order to maintain them. And, by utilizing one of the aforementioned methods, you’ll be capable of quickly and simply converting the grouts to their previous condition.

Since you’ve now learned what you could do, you really shouldn’t lose any more of your free time searching for the right grout cleaning method. Instead, you should opt for one of the procedures we’ve mentioned above, and from there, try cleaning the grouts in your house.