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Here Are Three Vape Liquids You Must Avoid

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Did someone search about vape juices? Well, because we have essential life-saving things to share with you. So, are you buying a vape juice for your vaporizer? You know what? Go for it. You can handily get the perfect vape juice made just for unique vape users like you. But wait! Not every vape juice is good for you. What if any of its ingredients are harmful to your health?

Vaping is continuing to win every user’s heart. People are just drooling over the varieties of vape juices. If you’re a vape user, you must know that millions of people are accompanying you in this. Vaping has so many fans worldwide, and we are not surprised by this growing user base of vaping.

Vaping gives users a new, relaxing experience with each puff they blow (trust us, once you vape, you won’t want to control). What can be better than vaping the vape juice which you’ve desired to puff for so long? You can get lots of options in vape juices to buy from. So, if you’re a mango flavor lover or a mint flavor lover, or anything else, there’s vape juice for you. The varieties of vape juices are not just limited to markets. You can buy them online too. You know what?

You should seriously try buying it online, in case you haven’t tried it. You can get countless options from websites worldwide. Most importantly, you can check their reviews if you’re trying a new vape juice. Not to forget, you can also get deal-saving discounts online. Let’s take a look at this site which is our top pick. Here it is, https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-vape-juice/.

You can get the best of vape juices here, and that too with a discount. Great deal, right? Thank us later. Yes, we find it essential to give our readers the best option to choose from, but your health is valuable to us, too. Users often barely see the brand, the flavor, and the amount of content in the vape juice bottle.

What if the vape juice which you’re buying is hazardous to your health? How will you get to know about it? Well, guess who’s here to help you? Yes, it’s us, again. So, don’t worry because we are here with the list of three vape juices, which you must avoid. On that note, let’s get started-

What do vape liquids contain?

Okay, first things first. Honestly, knowledge comes first. You must first know what vape liquids contain. Knowing this will help you better understand its ingredients and their safety and will help you make a better choice. As there’s no doubt that vaping is the fastest way to feel the effects of anything you puff, be it from CBD to anything else. So, it’s essential to have a greater understanding of the ingredients of what you are vaping.

So, usually, a vape juice comprises-

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG) base- it’s safe
  • Propylene glycol (PG)- it’s safe
  • Food Flavorings- typically safe, but there are some exceptions
  • Nicotine– it’s completely unsafe (However, there are no nicotine options available)
  • Other Chemicals- they are questionable

Only nicotine doesn’t need to be hazardous. As mentioned above, some food flavorings and other chemicals can also be unsafe. You should, strictly, avoid them, or you may need to pay for it with your health. Your vape juice may contain different concoctions, like harmful dyes, flavors, THC, or nicotine.

You can find around 8,000 well-known and popular vape juice flavors in the market today. There are still many which are not counted in this list yet. Are you thinking about what an ordinary food flavor does? Why are we talking about it? Is it so severe? Well, then you should know that there are many chances that your favorite flavor will expose you to increased cancer risks. Yes, that’s true. It can be more hazardous than you think it can be. Now, will you still buy it?

No one wants you to experience the side effects these products can cause, and we are ready to prevent you from them. Here are the three vape juices which you must avoid. Keeping that in mind, let’s begin with them-

1. E-juices with diacetyl content

Diacetyl is known as the most fatal, or scientifically, we can say questionable chemical. It’s used in vape juices to give you a feel of mouthwatering buttery flavor. It’s also used in popcorn, and it provides the same buttery feel, which we miss in our microwave popcorn. You may have a craving for it, but unfortunately, it’s potentially toxic to your health.

It’s so harmful that it even affects the health of the workers involved in popcorn manufacturing. The only reason behind why it harms them so badly is that they inhale diacetyl indirectly. It increases higher non-carcinogenic risks, especially among teens and youth users.

2. E-juices with other diketones

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Diketones are a set of harmful ingredients that are used in vape juices. They’re responsible for the creamy feel which we get in the vape juice. Although vape juices usually contain low levels of diketones, long-term use can have effects. Higher consumption of diketones can also lead to severe lung damage.

It’s legally compulsory to test the level of diketones in food products before selling them. However, it’s not legally mandatory for inhalation products yet. Diketone is not just one chemical; it’s a set of chemicals that includes acetyl, propionyl, acetoin, and diacetyl, to an extent. So you’ll need to check them individually.

3. E-juices with creamy and complex flavors

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Last but not least, try to avoid buying vape juices with creamy and complex vape juices. There’s a lot of difference between eating them and vaping them. Many of them are safe to eat but unsafe to inhale. Creamy flavors also enable tadpoles to nurture clefts. You’re more likely to inhale harmful chemicals with complex flavors as complex flavors need more chemicals to make the blend.

These flavors include butterscotch, caramel, almond, vanilla, cinnamon, strawberry, Vienna cream, menthol, clove, berries, banana, and all the complex flavors, including banana with strawberry, berries with cream, etc. Avoid buying them.

So, these were the three vape juices that you must not use. We strictly recommend avoiding using these types of vape juices. Yes, vaping is an exciting thing to do, but we’re sure that you won’t want to enjoy the pleasure associated with health hazards. Keep reading and stay safe.