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4 General Tips & Regulations for Traveling With a Vape Device in 2024

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Vape devices have become a matter of necessity. By getting so popular in the past couple of years, this industry almost completely took over the traditional cigarettes and is being one of the most innovative fields when it comes to new features, designs and technical and technological improvements of their main products – vape devices. Doesn’t it sound promising enough for you to try vaping?

Traditional cigarette smokers have reportedly been moving to vape devices for all the benefits they can get by quitting regular smoking. Not only the cleaner selection of the ingredients and substances but also a variety of flavors, designs, and the fact that they can be used almost anywhere and anytime – are some of the reasons they choose to buy vaping devices. But, only the small percentage of actual smokers decide to transfer to vaping. The rest of the consumers are mostly curious to find out what’s the reason behind such popularity of these products or they want to try and see how it works. After they discover the whole new experience of vaping, it becomes an important part of their lifestyle and their habits. 

That said, vaping devices are being used and brought everywhere by their users. That’s why they’re often called everyday items. You’ve probably noticed them a million times, whether it’s a fruity or sweet smell of the smoke, or it’s their attractive look. What you probably didn’t know is that thanks to the constant rise of new vaping solutions, there are more and more vaping products that look just like any other pen, USB drive or a phone case. 

However, how is all of this regulated? By vaporsolo.com, if you decide to travel somewhere, chances are you won’t actually leave your e-cigarette at home. You’ll carry it with you. This leads to a few logical questions: can you carry a vaping device in your luggage? Can you take it on the plane? Are there any strict rules for both vaping and only carrying the devices? Luckily, there are several tips and tricks for every adventurer out there. If that’s what a vape user can be called.

Here’s our list of 4 tips and regulations to follow if you decide to travel with your vape device:

1. Check the law in the country you travel to

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While vaping has become a common phenomenon in some countries, it’s still unknown in others. When something is new and unknown, it could often mean it will grab the attention of the authorities, so there might be certain questions to be asked, and you need to prepare for a good portion of explaining all the clouds around you. However, it’s not only about the explaining – some countries are well aware of the vape devices’ existence. And they don’t allow it. That’s why you should do your research before you travel to a specific country, and find the list of all the countries where vaping is strictly forbidden. Banning e-cigarettes and other vaping devices could often include serious penalties if you get caught. This is why you need to make sure to get all the information beforehand. If you’re travelling to countries such as China, Brazil, Norway or Thailand, consider leaving your vaping products at home. For the whole list of destinations and their vaping laws, check renowned websites such as the US embassy of the country you wanna go to.

2. Pack carefully

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Even if vaping devices are allowed in the country you’re travelling to, there are certain procedures and rules you need to follow when packing them. By packing, we don’t mean just throwing it into your checked baggage and putting other stuff on top of it. If you do this and they catch you, you’ll have to throw it away or relocate it. That’s why the right place for your vape mod or e-cigarette is your carry on baggage. You can also bring all the items related to your vaping devices such as batteries and atomizers. Due to safety measures, it’s forbidden to carry these in your checked luggage. What’s the reason for this? When you travel by plane, the internal pressure within the batteries can change and create some risk of fire in the air. And if a fire occurs, the only place where flight staff could deal with it is in the passenger cabin. 

3. Don’t vape if you can’t smoke

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Can you smoke on a plane, on a bus or a train? Certainly not. Logically, this means that you can’t expect vaping to be allowed. Consider vaping as smoking when it comes to laws and regulations of the places you visit. Even though vaping devices often don’t look like something different than a regular pen, USB or a part of your hoodie, the airport staff will easily notice it, since it’s become popular and they are well aware of vaping devices’ existence. Of course, bringing a certain object to your mouth every now and then is also a clear indicator that you’re vaping. This is especially important during the flight. Try to resist the temptation of vaping during the flight, even if you had some thoughts of vaping in the bathroom on your mind. There are always numerous alternatives such as gums, lozenges or other products to keep you away from your vaping habits. By obeying these rules, you are being responsible and you’re taking care of all the passengers that are traveling with you.

4. Measure the e-juice

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Just like any other liquid you’re carrying with you, you need to take care of the liquid amount of e-juice for your e-cigarette or the millilitres of e-juice that your vaping mod contains. How can you pack this liquid anyway? Your vape juice bottle shouldn’t exceed 100 ml. If it does, it has to go in your checked luggage. Still, the 30 ml bottles of e-juice are just the right amount for traveling. The other important thing to mention is the material of the bottle you use. Just like any other bottles you have, it’s better to go with plastic rather than glass, since the glass is way more fragile. But that’s not the end. You need to make sure you don’t spill your e-juice by placing the bottle in a plastic bag, carefully closed. You shouldn’t be worried about this, since you can always buy more liquid for your vaping devices, wherever you go. On the other hand, reasons to follow these rules are quite practical.