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Biggest Wins in the History of Online Gambling

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The prospect of winning is part of the thrill that draws so many people to the exciting game of gambling. And every so often, one lucky (and very skillful) player strikes gold, inspiring millions of others around the world to keep pushing until their moment arrives.

Gambling in its various forms has been around for thousands of years, and the modernization of online gambling has meant that even more people around the world get to participate in this iconic game.

Skill, determination, and a dash of good fortune is all you need to find your pot of gold – and these people are here to prove it. Winning a game of online Roulette or Baccarat is a fairly common occurrence for active players, but once in a while, players win enough to last a lifetime.

If you keep your wits about you and stay committed to your craft, there are tens of millions to win behind that screen. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the world’s biggest online gambling winners who made history with their astonishing rewards.

Five of The Biggest Wins Ever in The History of Online Gambling

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You don’t need to be a professional gambler to play at Treasure Mile or other online casinos and win millions of dollars overnight – that’s part of what makes this game so alluring.

These six people all come from different countries, backgrounds, and skill levels – but that didn’t stop any of them from winning the highest online gambling rewards in history. Working our way from the lowest on this list to the highest, here are online gambling’s most victorious winners:

 $13.9 million

First on the list is an impressive $13.9 million win that came as a result of someone playing the iconic online casino game Arabian Nights.

An incredibly popular game throughout the 2010s, Arabian Nights isn’t historically known for such enormous prizes, so you can imagine the delight for the player that won this round. This win happened in 2011, and was achieved by a player located in Norway, Scandinavia.

$16 million

Moving further into the pot of gold is this sizeable $16 million win that was secured through an online game of Mega Moolah by British soldier Jon Heywood in 2015. Mega Moolah is a popular 5-slot game that is known for consistent wins, but very few as successful as this one.

Heywood had only been playing the game online for about seven minutes before the results came through, and his life was changed forever. At just 26 years old, Heywood responsibly paid for his father’s medical care before indulging in a well-earned Bently Continental GT.

 $16.9 million

In Finland during the year 2013, someone won $16.9 million in a life-changing game of Mega Fortune, which is a variation of Mega Moolah.

Mega Fortune is another multi-slot online game that is famed for its regular mini-wins, but rewards of this proportion are virtually unheard of. The lucky winner apparently only spent $0.20 before the slots aligned perfectly, making this one of the fastest and most unlikely wins of all time.

$18.9 million

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Mega Moolah pulled through once again for one skillful online gamer back in 2018. This enormous win is almost impossible to believe, especially when you consider how rare it is for so many people to win millions at the same game.

Nonetheless, an $18.9 million win is nothing to shake at, and we can be certain that whoever it was that won treated themselves very well after that.

 $19 million

Coming in at the highest online gambling win ever is a staggering $19 mil. This one was once again won on the iconic Mega Moolah slot game, placing it as one of the most success-driven online casino games in the history of gambling.

$19 million is the most amount of money anyone has ever won by playing online slots. That is, until the next big win occurs!

How do people achieve such enormous wins?

When it comes to winning such enormous figures, there are several factors at play.

As simple as it can sometimes be, every gambling game has layers, and you need more than one thing in order to be a winning player. Those three things are:

  • Skill – this relates to the level of experience a player generally needs to have in order to spot good hands or make smart gambling decisions. The more skilled you are as a player, the easier it will be to pick games and opportunities that you know have a high chance of maximizing a win.
  • Instinct – even the most experienced gamblers in the world can struggle to win big if they lack good instinct. A lot of these games rely on probability and sudden changes, so if you know how to intuitively tell when the moment is right, you can win regardless of how skilled you are.
  • A sprinkling of luck – as we’ve been through, many of these games function on luck and probability. Sometimes, the outcome is just a matter of pure coincidence! And that’s an exciting prospect – because you know you’ve always got a chance of winning.

Winning an online casino game requires a little bit of all three of the above – or a lot of just one at a time! Either way, these are all factors you can work on to improve your chances of landing a big win.

Keep Playing to Keep Winning

The people on this list don’t have much in common besides the fact that they won a lot of money – but the main thing drawing them together is that they never took their eyes off the prize. So if you’re a dedicated online casino player, don’t give up hope just yet – these people didn’t, and they ended up richer than their wildest dreams.

That being said, some people play their favorite online games for years before striking a big win. But when the slots align and that reward comes through, the pain is 100% worth the gain.