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How to Find Decent Accommodation in Sifnos on a Tight Budget

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Greece can be both an expensive and affordable tourist destination, depending on where you plan to go and how long you’ll stay. While there are many destinations to consider, it seems like the islands are the most popular to choose from.

One of them is Sifnos, which offers both luxury hotels and budget-friendly private accommodations. Finding the perfect spot is sometimes a challenge, as most properties are booked early, especially the popular destinations.

When looking for the perfect vacation in Greece, offered properties can be a huge problem, especially on a budget. While tourism is a huge deal for this country, they’re known to offer pretty average apartments with almost basic amenities, especially for visitors on a budget.

Surely, there are some better options, but you need to know how to look out for them. So, if you’re looking for decent accommodation among Sifnos villas, you can find great offers, no matter the dates and expectations. Still, you need to consider these additional tips in order to spot the best deal:

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

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Prices are often lower outside the peak summer. July and August are considered the most popular throughout the whole of Greece because the weather is hot and all stores and restaurants work all the time.

You can find great hotels and villas during May and June or in September, as they’re considered off-peak dates. You can even check on the last-minute offers and literally win great accommodation for a lower price.

If you feel comfortable traveling in the late spring or early autumn, we surely recommend taking advantage of it. Most of the properties are much cheaper compared to the mid-summer dates, so you can secure a great spot for sure.

Anyway, we recommend planning the trip on time, as Sifnos is a popular destination among tourists. The accommodation demand can be huge, so if you don’t book on time, even the expensive rooms are taken early.

Book Directly With the Hotel or Villa

Booking platforms charge huge fees to the property owners, so calling the hotel or villa directly may secure you a nice apartment or studio for a more affordable price. Even the property owners prefer booking that way because they can offer more for the same price, or lower the price for a particular property. Many use this method so they can pay the better price, or get a better room for less money.

If you decide to use booking platforms anyway, sort and filter the properties by price. Compare them accordingly, so you can find what you need. Still, read reviews to get a better image of the property quality.

Choose Your Location Carefully

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The most expensive places to stay are in the main villages of Apollonia, Artemonas, and Platys Gialos. You can find more affordable options in smaller villages like Kamares, Faros, Vathi, and Cherronisos.

Surely centers and popular locations are more expensive, and that’s the case throughout the whole country. On the other hand, you can have a great time in some of the less popular villages, as they’re equally beautiful and not crowded with tourists.

This is a nice chance to discover hidden gems around and wild beaches that no one else is aware of. Make sure you’re a good swimmer, as there aren’t many other tourists around the hidden beaches.

Look for Studios or Apartments With a Kitchen

Many properties in Greece offer a small kitchen so you can prepare a coffee or food yourself. Also, you save plenty of money on restaurants and fast food. While we highly recommend trying the local specialties, we also support your decision to see beautiful destinations and still save some money.

These studios are also very convenient for families with children, who need to prepare fresh food, and not relying on restaurants all the time. Surely, choose this option if you’re comfortable with looking for beaches yourself, visiting stores almost daily, and spending time preparing some food so you can save on restaurants and bars.

Choose an All-Inclusive Option

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While the initial price for all-inclusive arrangements seems pretty high, when you break down the expenses you’ll see that it’s not as pricey as it seems. Sometimes, the price gets lower compared to the daily restaurant and store visits, renting a car to explore better beaches, or drinking coffee from a shop.

Having all the meals included in the price, as well as beach bars, pools, room service, and sunbeds indeed saves plenty of money per person. So, Verina Hotel Sifnos is a great example of value for money – it’s calm, and beautiful, and offers both hotel rooms and apartments to choose from.

Negotiate Better Deals

When you contact directly to the property owners, you can negotiate better prices and discounts. Often, they’re kind enough to offer more for the money or lower the prices if they want. You need to be polite and ask if there’s a possibility for a lower price and don’t offend the hosts, so you won’t get better deals.

That’s why we recommend booking the accommodation directly, not through agencies or booking platforms. Direct communication can do wonders if you know how to negotiate and stand up for yourself.

Consider Camping

Camping is not for everyone, and it’s totally fine if that’s not your cup of tea. But many save hundreds each year by considering this option. You can find appropriate spots dedicated to camping, or you can plan it in the wilderness. While camping can save a lot of money, we also recommend estimating if you’re comfortable with it. It sounds great, but you’re limited to the shower, hygiene, clean water… It’s cheaper, but also a lot to deal with.

Sifnos can be a great place to camp, but you must be ready for all those challenges that come with it. Prepare well and get ready for a beautiful, but slightly uncomfortable experience, especially if you’re camping for the first time.


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Visiting Greece is the best thing you can do during summer. From beautiful beaches to delicious food, this country offers a lot. Surely, you can visit beautiful islands and destinations on a budget, or you can spend some more money, and have the dream vacation in Sifnos, or Greece in general.