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How To Get A Travel Visa For Saudi Arabia In 2024

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We can see that there are many people interested in traveling to Saudi Arabia after this country reduced some measures and allowed tourists to go there for a vacation. However, there are only around 50 countries on the list of potential visitors, and you will need a visa as well. On the other hand, the process of getting a visa is simple since you can apply over an online platform and pay for it with a credit card. Also, like with any other foreign country, you will need a valid passport.

Many people are delighted with the fact that they will finally be able to visit this country and learn more about its rich culture. Before they decided to let tourists in the country, most of the people who were going there are religious people because Saudi Arabia, with cities like Mecca and Medina represents the heart of Islam. Besides religious monuments, there are many other attractive things to see there, such as many oases across the desert, beautiful beaches on the Red Sea, ancient ruins, and modern skyscrapers.

If you are interested in visiting this country, you should learn more about their culture, tradition, and social behaviors. Before that, you need to apply for a visa, and we are going to introduce you to the whole process of registration in this article.

Registration Process

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First of all, you will have to check whether your county is on the list of states that could apply for a visa to Saudi Arabia. The process of application is not complicated, and you will have to fill the form, pay for a fee, and you will get your visa through email when the whole process is over. Also, you will a scanned copy of your password.

How to Apply?

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When it comes to the form that you will have to complete for a visa application, it only takes around a couple of minutes. However, be sure that all data are correct to avoid being rejected become of some grammatical error or incorrectly entered details. The information you will have to provide to the online service when applying for a vise is your name, date of birth, address, passport specifications, and to write about the reasons why are you interested in visiting Saudi Arabia.

Also, there are several questions related to security. After you fill out the form and wait until the officials from this country compare your data with the copy of the passport you sent. After you get your visa through email, you must take that copy along with the passport when you are entering the country.

Visa Duration

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The duration of an eVisa for Saudi Arabia is 1 year. The introduction of visas will have a great effect on the economy of this country, especially to industries like hotels, catering, entertainment, and tourism. Before they decide to allow foreigners to travel in their country, the officials would grant foreign people with a special visa mostly if their reason for coming is religious. Also, they were granting limited visas to people who were traveling in Saudi Arabia because of some business.

Application Form

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As we already said, the process of application is quite simple, with only a few minutes needed to fill out the form. The advantage of online platforms is that you don’t have to visit an embassy. However, pay attention to provide accurate information about yourself. During the process, most of the questions are related to your private data like birth date, passport number, ID number, and more. Also, you will have to answer several questions related to security. Even the smallest mistake of any data you provided could be the reason for rejection. 

Passport Requirements for Saudi Arabia

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A passport is a basic document for traveling to other countries. When you apply for a Saudi visa, check the expiry date of your passport, because it must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the moment when you get into the country. We advise you to check out the date of your passport before applying because you can save a lot of time and effort by avoiding the need to apply for a visa more than once.

The Bottom Line

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One of the main reasons why Saudi Arabia opened its border fo tourists is their recent program called Saudi Vision 2030, where they are planning to invest more in industries like tourism, entertainment, education, and more. It is also worth mentioning that they will also allow women to drive vehicles and to walk in public places without coats. However, both men and women must avoid wearing any clothes that could be considered as too provocative.

According to their new strategy, there is a great chance that Saudi Arabia will become one of the most visited countries in the world. One of the reasons for that is that this country was closed for western people for a long period, and many of them are going to be interested in learning more about the history and tradition of this country. Besides the amazing structures, Saudi Arabia has amazing beaches on the Red Sea, which can be a great destination for your next vacation.

We know that some people are having safety concerns, mostly because this country is in the Middle East. However, you should know that it is completely safe to travel to this country where you can meet friendly people who are always in the mood to greet you, chat with you, show you some interesting places, or even call you in their homes.

Therefore, you should read more about agencies that could find you the best solution for having a vacation in this country. Also, you don’t have to worry about transportation since most airlines are having their routes to this country. The most important thing is to properly apply for an eVisa and have a valid passport. If you are interested in applying for a visa for Saudi Arabia, visit evisa.express/en/saudi-arabia.