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Should You Take Your SIM Card Out When You Travel – 2024 Guide

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Traveling is fun. Back in the day, we could say it was even more enjoyable as we had fewer worries to carry with us. Now, one of the biggest worries we have is carried around in our pockets. Of course, we’re talking about our smartphones. Our lives can’t be imagined with these devices. When you go on a travel, be it domestic or abroad, you will without a doubt bring your phone. These days the biggest reason we do this is because of the cameras we have on them. Taking pictures has become an obsession, and no vacation can be imagined without hundred photos taken for Instagram.

But, this time around we’re not talking about these high-tech devices for their performances. No, we’re more focused on the part that is the SIM card. Technology has come a long way, but most of our devices can’t function without the internet. Phones are no different, but when it comes to phone companies, they charge for their services. Using your phone for calls or browsing the net could cost you a fortune when abroad. This will be our subject for today. Many of our readers have been wondering about this. Here’s our answer in the form of should you take your SIM card out when you travel – 2024 guide.

1. Unlocked Phone For Starters

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Let’s start by saying, that yes, you probably should remove your local SIM card. This way you’re going to make sure that no unexpected costs arise. So, once you remove your card, you’ll need a local one. In order to be able to sue one, you’ll need to have your phone unlocked. What this means is that your phone will now be able to receive a card from any nation in the world. If you keep your phone locked you’ll be only able to use the one given to you by your provider. You’re allowed to unlock it for free with your provider, Telenor for example, but only after your contract is up. If you want to do it in the mid-time, when you are ready to travel you’ll need to hire professionals to do it. If this is not what you want to do, then buy a cheaper phone to use when you travel for calls and emergencies. Another thing you should do is to try and get your hands on a local SIM card. If you’re traveling abroad you might find yourself in need of simcorner.com services.

2. Use International Plan

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Many providers all over the world offer international plans for their customers. Depending on the part of the world you’re visiting, the price may wary. Most of us usually don’t have this offering ingrained into our contracts, as commoners travel once or twice a year. Not enough to justify paying for this plan the entire year. If you only need it for one or two weeks you should use one of the promotions your provider offers. They plan for situations like these so offer short-term plans that offer you the much-needed minutes, messages, and gigabits of the internet for your vacation abroad. Of course, if you do not want to pay repeatedly for this promotion on vacation you’ll need to spend it with care. Also, it is vital to end the promotion once you’re back home as there’s no need for additional cost once your holidays ended.

3. Use Messaging Apps

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We already established the fact that you’ll be wise to remove your SIM card from the phone. So, if you’re not opting for getting a foreign SIM card after unlocking your phone, and you do not want to spend money on promotions, there are still things you can do. For one, the internet is now all over the place. You can always rely on the fact that your summer resort is going to have Wi-Fi. This makes it quite easier to hold your communications channels open while you’re away from home. We live in a time when live messaging has been elevated to a higher level. So, once you’re abroad be free to install one of the free messaging apps that will keep your social life alive while you’re away. Some of the most used ones out there include What’s Up, now owned by Facebook, Viber, or Telegram. With any of these, you get an instant messaging app that will do the trick while you’re away. Of course, you can also conduct video calls on each of these apps.

4. Use It At Will

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Who are we to put any limitations on you? Above you have some really useful advice we gathered on the web, but you do not have to listen to us. In the end, if you have enough funds you can afford not to stress about your smartphone and the bill that will ensure after you use it for ten days abroad. This is an option for anyone who wants to take a risk. Telephone companies sell these services at a hefty price, so a bill that will wait for your home might be expensive, but it is an option. If you want to be stress-free regarding phone calls and messages and internet usage, do not stress yourself with the question should you remove your SIM card or not during a vacation.

Final Thoughts

If you ask us, removing your SIM card and unlocking your phone for a local SIM card is the wise move. You have little to lose this way, and it’s what most people do. If you opt for any other option, it’s going to be much more expensive. But, if you can afford it, we’re all for it. What’s important to know is that you’re not without an option. This is a situation people all over the world encounter at least once a year, and this is why we were able to provide you with the right guidelines. But as Captain Barbossa would put it: “The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” So have that in mind too.