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Top Web Technology Trends To Watch In 2016


Top Web Technology Trends To Watch In 2016

Technology and development of web used to be very straightforward. Developers were developing codes that allowed inserting images, posting articles and all of this for the purposes of SEO. However, today development is much more sophisticated because consumers need to be kept engaged. With years and years of internet, more than billion people that are online are now used to old and same techniques for marketing that used to keep them attracted to single page exploring. But, don’t think content is past time, it’s still the king. But if you want to keep the engagement of your consumers you should have more than just great images and basic articles in order to keep their attention on the level. The need of customer engagement is probably one of the biggest reasons for constant bounds and leaps in developing online.

The large number of advanced additions are now becoming a mainstream thing in web pages, so it’s even more critical for business to create something that will dissect them from all the rest of competition. As the focus is increasing on both engagement and interaction, companies are shifting from just being seen to more of being heard. But the question is, how much can development of web actually evolve? Well, you might actually be surprised. To give you an answer on that, here are some of biggest trends and changes that will occur this year in the landscape of web design.

Everyone who creates website, needs to have responsive design, period. This will give you more effective presence online. It will also help you to have that consistent look and thus you will rank better even in searches performed through a mobile phone. It’s not about only 2D, anymore. 3D design is trending and  it will give more depth to your web. Also, don’t have too cluttered page, minimalism style will keep your website looking fresh. Typography is also getting more creative. So you need to be extra careful when picking font size and font style. Google is offering more than 700 pro fonts. Just know that bold and big typefaces are working great with many other trending elements.

Sketches and illustrations are also a great idea. They connect and work well with other interface elements and icons. Your brand will appear more friendlier if it has that hand drawn illustrations. This will help you to easier build connection with future visitors as well as personalized experience. Illustrations and sketches are harder for the competition to copy so it will always stay original. It’s all about interaction, everywhere. Interaction is providing value and creating links between devices and users. The best interface design is one that is card based. It helps you to organize your content more easily and it’s mobile friendly too. These are some of most anticipated technology trends on the web right now and every website should strive for adding it.