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top travel tech

When planning and preparing for travel, you should not forget the technological part of the preparations – downloading applications for mobile devices and getting some useful travel tech devices. Below you can check the most useful travel tech that you should have:

top travel tech

Today’s travel tech is indispensable. The market has a huge range of applications and devices for travel. In this article I will draw upon Trakdot device, because it caught the most of my attention and it’s something I want to own.

People tend to ask questions such as, is it really necessary to have tracking device for luggage? Well, if you took few trips and traveled without loosing your stuff you would think its not important. But the minute it happens and you actually loose your luggage, you will change your mind and see how beneficial this Trakdot tracker is. If you are flying much, you know the feeling of anxiety when you’re waiting your bag to arrive on checker stand. Sometimes it can happen that your luggage never arrives. Employees at the airport tell you that they will try to search for it and let you notified if anything happens. So, what are you going to do then? In that situation you just can’t know whether your luggage is lost forever or just missed the air flight. If you could quickly find out where your bad is you could notify people at the airport and stop worrying. That’s where Trakdot Luggage Tracker comes in being of an amazing importance.

trakdot - travel tech

Trackdot can really be seen as device that helps you get rid of a headache while travelling because you don’t have to worry for a minute where valuable stuff is. So now you’re probably wondering how that device actually works. Most basic way to describe is, bluetooth function in device that’s connected to your app on smartphone is locating your luggage in real time. Trackdot comes with 2 AA batteries, you make an account, register your device, enter your phone number on Trackdot page and you can even register few numbers if you want to use same device on 2-3 phones. The device itself is really small, its measures are 3” by 2,25” by 0.75”, which means you can put it anywhere you want in bag.

Trackdot has built in detector of plane’s speed so it automatically knows to put itself to sleep mode until your plane don’t touch the ground again. While in bag, Trackdot has an intelligence that’s constantly monitoring network of phone so it can determine locations of cities. When you arrive on destination, you can choose if you want to be notified about your luggage by email message or SMS on your phone. It immediately lets you know where your stuff is even with time stamp. Lets say you are travelling from Chicago to New York, you will get message that Trakdot is at New York, and you will know your luggage made out with you, if it says it’s still in Chicago you’re unlucky but at least you know where it is. You can also check status of battery and receive message about it.

trakdot works

I think this is really neat little device and I am eyeing to order one for a long time. It tracks your anywhere in world, gives you notifications on phone or even tracks online, anywhere your phone can work, Trakdot works too, you can connect it to few cell phones, this device is fully international and works where there is cellular network, very light weighted and small, this really is one of essential travel tech devices.