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How Tech Savvy Is Your Hotel

tech savvy hotel

how tech savy is your hotel

As technology of smartphones, tablets, computers and other device forms continues to evolve and increase, I think it’s finally time for hotels to catch up for the needs of tech savvy guests. In many ways, coming to hotel in room has remained same experience for a very long time. Having TV, mini bar and movies on demand are things available in most of hotels around the world. Somehow, when it comes to advancements, hotels were left in dust. Hotels pay per view is rivaled with guests that are bringing and using eBook readers, iPhones, iPads or Netbooks. Many hotels are using technology for futuristic feel but still, its not state of the art and nothing that we didn’t saw before. When people go inside their room, music starts playing with curtains opening. There are also infrared sensors for detecting body heat built inside rooms. This allows stuff to see if guest is in in room and therefore should not be disturbed.

tech savvy hotel

Giving free Wi-Fi connection to the guests is a great idea as it offers total connection in the room. Hotels must have reasons that will make guests pay, by creating unique content. Interactive maps, local information or guides of city are things that tech savvy hotel should have. Many of hotels around the world are starting to use hotels application that is connected with the guests smartphone for opening doors, so that people never have to worry again for losing or picking up room key. Hotels in California are having Apple TV connected with network so that people with their devices can stream content directly to the TV in the room. You can even use your smartphone if you want to book next spa treatment, grab a taxi, set up wake up call or order launch in your room. Checking in Hotel will be much easier, along with traditional desk experience, guests can also check in by holding specific iPad.

Nearby check in, there’s a kiosk where you can get RFID key and choose room in which you would like to stay. Many of hotels have their own gadgets, you can borrow them if you forgot yours at home. Anything from laptop, tablets, headphones, wires, chargers to video cameras. Honestly with everything that’s being offered you can pack less things and save yourself from stress of having all devices with you.

Even though all this new technology slowly being introduced in hotels is really cool, it should be developed by some caution as not all guests are enjoying the thought of hotel staff knowing if you are sleeping or where you are. Older people are not really fans of a room full of tech devices and they want more traditional lobby. The key is in having a good balance between relying and introducing new technology. Devices and technology that are created and put in a hotel that just seem impressive can be just a type of gimmicks, and this creates a technology theme. On the other hand technology that’s is making guests more interested in staying is for sure investment that’s worth it in the end.