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Best Video Infographics for Presentations


Have you ever watched some videos on YouTube? It is a high probability that you are, like millions of others in the world; according to research, within one month, 182 million users in the US watched some video content on the Internet, and to an average of 23.2 hours per user! Video is obviously a format that users prefer, because the marketers ‘jumped’ to the new tool, using online video as a TV commercial that people want to watch.

Why use a video?

  • Video allows you to tell a complex message in a simple way.
  • Message in video format will be remembered longer than text.
  • A video message you can give a ‘human face’ to your corporation, with which users will be able to more easily connect and will be more inclined to believe
  • Video can help your ranking on search engines; for example, a link to your website, which is linked to the video on YouTube, search engines will evaluate as high-quality inbound links
  • Making videos does not require high costs.

Video can be used to inform, entertain, explain, tell the story, and even shock in the purpose of the effective transfer of messages. Quality does not have to be top-notch, and person who telling a story doesn’t have to be super actor; crucial for the success is the video’s adaptability of theme and messages to the target audience, and creative presentation of the story.

In the last few years is evident big popularity use infographics to explain the properties of a product or a service. No unnecessary reading monotonous text explanations, the lovable and playful way through the graphical elements, symbols, facts and data, infographics can clearly and effectively explain the complex features of a product, service or an innovative idea.

Today it is in the form of video infographics. When the static elements of infographics animate one in combination with sound and voice, texts, images and data created by a liquid story that your research and hard work on this issue turns into a visually appealing and interesting video medium. If you want to learn more about improving your business through video infographics, read our previou article.

Below are the Best Video Infographics for Presentations picked by us:

Fresh & Modern Video Infographics for Presentation

How many times have you been looking for an easy and powerfull infographics template? You don’t have to anymore! We bring you the template which is heavily scripted and really fast to adjust to your needs. We give you 9 different ways to present your data. You need very little knowledge of After Effects to use this template. If you have any problems you can take a look into videotutorials provided with the template! This project has been made in AfterEffects CS6. It may work in previous versions, but we do not guarantee this. It doesn’t use any CS6 exclusive effects, but its heavily scripted and there may be some script attributes changes compared to CS5 version. Download here.


Advertising Agency Video Infographics for Presentation

Very cool and clean infographics presentation. Can be used for: Finance, Sales, Social Meida, Marketing, Real Estate, Agency, Data Review, Company Profile. This package contain 18 scenes. So you can combine them as you need. Download here.


Analyst 2 Video Infographics for Presentation

Analyst 2 is much easier to use than its predecessor making each infographic a standalone composition. What this means is that to edit the values, labels and title of, say, the line chart, you only need to edit that composition alone. Furthermore, should you want to create a new line chart with different values, you can just duplicate the original composition and edit the values in the new composition. No need to mess around with replacing pre-comps, etc. Changing each Chart’s values happens right in the composition window. Just double click on the corresponding number you want to change, and edit it. The same applies for labels and chart titles. Analyst 2 features a set of 13 types of professionally designed charts that can be used for any project that features data and statistics: corporate presentations, annual reports, survey reports, infographics, educational videos, visualizations, HUDs and more. Download here.


Statistician Plus – Social Report Video Infographics for Presentation

Statistician+ Social Report is a standalone infographic template for After Effects. It consists of 1 presentation, 13 slides, and 6 graph types which can easily be customized and expanded. Download here.


Portfolio Video Presentation

Flat infographics project which help you present yourself as professional employee for any company. Download here.


Video infographics presentation

Project features: Video tutorial, No plugins required. Very easy to use – just edit values and text. 15 scenes. Logo veal and transition. Full HD resolution (1080p). CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC. Pictures and music track are not included. Download here.


Infographic Presentation

Infographics Presentation is very useful project to show your Business Features, Plan Growth & Success, Statics, Marketing, Analysis and more. Download here.


Minimal Video Infographics for Presentation

Project features: No plugins required. Fast rendering. Very easy to use – just put your footages in placeholders and edit text. Full HD resolution (1080p). Duration – 00:35. CS5.5, CS6 compatibility. Download here.


Elegant Corporate Package of Video Infographics for Presentation

It’s a unique collection of scenes, titles, transitions and bonus elements that can be used to create your own corporate presentations, infographics, promo videos and much more. Download here.


Clean Corporate Video Infographics for Presentation

This After Effects project is a great way to profile your company and its services. Clean Corporate 2 is a corporate video pack designed to incorporate all necessary business related video segments you need into one video. It is clean, simple, modern and minimal. It’s modular structure makes it easy to customize. Add, Remove or Rearrange the segments to fit your needs. Also, the project is set up so that most color adjustments are a breeze. Download here.