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Timeline of Google Algorithms Updates – 2003 to 2015


Google algorithms can be very complicated and hard to understand. But once you master every part of it you will probably be a real hit in Google search engines. Algorithms are computer programs that seek clues to offer you exactly what you want. For the normal request there are thousands, maybe even millions of web pages with useful information. Algorithms are computer procedures and formulas to your question turn in answers. Today, Google algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals or “clues” that allow us to discover what we are really looking for.

“Our goal is to give you answers faster by creating a nearly seamless connection between you and the knowledge.”

In an average year, Google has about 500 changes to its search engine algorithms. This infographic introduces the main Google algorithms updates since 2003. Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Mobile-friendly, Hummingbird or Phantom, they are all here:


To avoid the risk of Google penalizing it would be good to take care of a few rules:

Do not miss the latest google algorithms updates and their recommendations

It would be good to follow all the updates and apply their rules on your website. If you can’t keep track of changes, observe them or perhaps you don’t understand it, you might hire the professionals.

Check out the links

If you’ve made all the changes that are suggested by Penguin or Hummingbird that does not mean that your website is safe now or after some further upgrades. If you not decide to hire SEO professionals it remains you to look for some online tools that will check your links. If you can identify problems you will be calm during the next upgrade.

Stop to link sites of poor quality

Last Google’s changes are more related to the links. If you use a lower quality links, you bring your website at risk of penalizing.

Build quality content in order to gain natural links

Google’s new guidelines emphasize those sites that are actively used, on which is discussing and whose content is shared and they are also the indicators of popularity and deserve a better place in the search results. High quality content will get natural links to well protect your web site with future Google updates.