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26 Things to Note Before Creating a Website in 2024


Creating a Website without a plan is like building a house without the project. Regardless of whether you create a page by yourself or you will hire the professional web designers, by advanced planning of website, you can avoid the omission of some important elements or functionality of page, and thus additional costs or other inconveniences.

Planning website in sufficient time is as important as planning everything else in the business world, but many neglect it. Carefully planning of website is a great investment and will improve your chances of making a website that will serve you well for a long time.

Planning is the first and most important phase. Planning the development of a website usually begins with a series of meetings and consultations. At this stage, it also decides on the technologies that will be used when creating the project, a hierarchy of information, and the like.

Some phases:

  • Planing
  • Discussions and consultations
  • Preparatory actions
  • Choice of technology to produce

Developing your own website is an exciting prospect. However, it’s a big job, which requires a carefully considered decision-making process. A well-researched, planned approach will undoubtedly make life much easier, and this handy infographic will definitely help: