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8 Incredible Tools for Creating Infographics 2024

Living in this digital era, we are surely spoiled by the instant help of technology. It seems like there is always an application we can use to do whatever it is that we need. When it comes to creating infographics, for example. Instead of hiring someone with qualified design background and experiences, low cost and even free digital infographic makers are available at our service. Well, in that case, who would not want to give these handy tools a try?  Here are some of the helpful tools:

1. Visme


In spite of its free of charge service, Visme offers lots of features for its users to create various infographics. Not only are hundreds of fonts available on Visme, but millions of graphics are also free to choose from. The added benefit of using this tool is that it allows you to animate your infographic content along with features to equip your infographics with audio and videos.

2. BeFunky


Not only serving as an online photo editor, it also offers a customizable infographic making experience. You can choose a template, theme, millions of images, and various other graphics. The tool accommodates you to create relatable, discernable and fun infographics in four simple steps:

  • Pick a template
  • Add images and other graphics
  • Customize text and layout
  • Save and export the finalized infographic

The basic service can be used for free, or if you prefer more features and comfort, like designing full screen and without the nuisance from ads, you may want to try BeFunky Plus at $4.95 per month or $2.91 per year.

3. Snappa


This tool can be the savior for those in need of instant infographics. Snappa allows you to get away with an infographic ready in ten minutes. Although this may be seen to lack the features graphic designers need, it definitely saves time. The bonus of using the tool is that its templates have been optimized for social media platforms, allowing users to promote and share on those platforms easily.
Should you need maximum five infographic downloads every month, the free version should be adequate. However, if you need more, the monthly paid version at $10 will be a good deal for you as it offers unlimited number of downloads.

4. Infogram


If what you plan on making is a cool infographic with video(s), you should try this tool. Not only that, it offers different kinds of graphics, such as charts and maps. You can create the data you need in the style of Excel sheets and edit it as you go. Then, Infogram will change the way it looks accordingly. You will be given some options. Once you are happy with the one produced by the platform, you can simply publish it. It can be promoted on Infogram website, your own website, or your social media accounts.
There are two kinds of Inforgram services: the free one and the other one that costs $19 per month.

5. Animaker


If you are bored with regular infographics, Animaker might be suitable for you. Instead of static images and charts, Animaker allows you to present video infographics. The video version has been claimed to be ten times more interesting than regular ones. When using Animaker free account, you can create five videos with 2 minutes duration in standard definition. You can also upgrade for longer, more, and high definition videos by using the paid version at $12 per month.

6. Vizualize


Sometimes standard resume is not adequate. You may need to visualize your resume. Vizualize is the right tool to create an infographic resume. With Vizualize, you can present your personal accomplishment in a good visualization within one click and at no charge.

7. PicMonkey


It is an online image editor with a section focused on creating infographics. You can choose the design from available templates and insert your own images for customization, or from PicMonkey image library which contains thousands of graphics. Even if you are not familiar with creating infographics, PicMonkey provides tutorials to help you design your own infographics.

8. Adioma


Adioma is basically an infographics generator. You can pick basic templates then input and adjust accordingly. Although the service fee is quite high compared to the others, you will have better control of the infographic elements with a special feature, like the template switching feature that enables you to compare how the same amount of data will look in different formats, can make the making process easier. In the end, the monthly fee of minimum $39 will pay off.