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The Wonderful World Of Clients

world of clients


If you own a company or running a business, you do know what nightmare it can be, to deal with tough client. In too many situations, clients are known to have zero insight on what they want or even unrealistic expectations. There are all kinds of clients and most of them are not too desirable or attractive to deal with at all. It’s for one reason, and that is making unreasonable demands, eventually what happens is that entire staff becomes frustrated by them. Not a single company should endure having to work with tough clients. That is why I wanna talk and describe some of their characteristics so you can know how to recognize immediately when someone is going to be hard to deal with. It’s important to eventually deal with everybody without loosing your clients. There are clients that will say they needed something to be done yesterday. This means they believe having an idea in a head means whole work is already finished, but keep it real with them. Bring them back to reality if they expect the impossible.

There’s also a client who comes to your company not being really sure in what he wants. He is constantly changing his opinion and demands. One moment he says one thing and other moment something completely different. You need to tell them to get back when they get everything together.  There are clients that feel everything to them is emergency. If they come to your company they will act as if there’s no one else to be dealt with, just them. Thinking they deserve 100% of your time. If this happens, kindly remind them that you have other clients too. Have a clear deadlines so you can catch up with each demand of your clients on time. Clients can come and say that they trust in you 100%. So their approach is completely hands off. It is because they lack information, and if you encounter client that really doesn’t care, take advantage of that freedom.

Clients can come to your place having extremely specific approach about something. They care so much that it hurts, and they leave no room for your ideas at all. This is actually funny, because you will start to question yourself, why he or she even hired you in the first place. Client can send you emails at the night every day or even trying to have meeting after work hours. Don’t be afraid to reject them if it’s going to take big toll on your workers. There are also clients that thinks they can finish something shorter then you or your workers. This client is probably detached from reality and explain him or her why that work will not take just 5-10 minutes.

What’s really frustrating is having client that says finished product is great but she or he actually wants something completely different. Imagine you deliver finished project and client says he wants something in a completely different direction. Some clients are being too much concerned with their budget. They will come and say things like: “I have emptied my whole bank account just for this work to be done.” But tell them you can’t do extra work if they don’t want to pay for it. Honestly, you can’t please everybody, it’s a tough task. But if you get to know and understand different personalities and types you’re dealing with, you can prepare yourself in advance and have happy clients as well as your work team.