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How to Call a Lock Picking Service: Instructions for Clients

Opening locks is a legal service provided by specialized and certified contractors. In what cases do you need to contact lock-picking specialists, and how to call a specialist who will open a locked door to your home, office, garage, or your car?

Why do doors and locks need to be opened?

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There are several life situations when it is necessary to open the locks to your apartment or house with the help of emergency services. The first and most common is the loss or theft of keys. Even if you have made duplicates or other family members have spare keys, you may still find yourself at a locked door to your own home.

It’s even worse if you suspect your keys have been stolen. In this case, you must not only open the door but also urgently change the locks. Otherwise, your safety will be at risk. Don’t risk your safety.

Also, the locks break as any other mechanism. For example, if you have not maintained the lock for a long time, it may break due to rust or dirt. During the cold season, the key may break in the keyhole. Another common example of a breakdown is a manufacturing defect or mistake during the installation of the lock.

Finally, locks need to be picked and replaced if they have been damaged by vandals or criminals trying to break into your home. In this case, it is important not only to change the lock but also to additionally protect the door from burglary.

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How to call a specialist to open doors and locks

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  1. Let’s start by searching for an emergency door opening service in your city. Compare the price list, work schedule, and reviews. We recommend choosing services that operate 24/7, offer services at a fixed price list, and have dozens of positive reviews from clients. Make sure that the service is not too far from your home so that a locksmith can arrive within 30-60 minutes.

Attention! If there is a threat to the life and safety including family members inside the house, call the rescue service ASAP.

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  1. If there is no threat, call the service consultant and tell him what happened. It’s good if you can immediately tell the reason for the call and the model of locks that are installed on the door. If you find it difficult to answer, wait for a specialist to arrive.
  2. After the arrival of an emergency locksmith, you will need to provide evidence that you have the right to open the door to your house, office, or car. After this, the specialist will check the lock and tell you the cost of the services. If you are satisfied with the terms of cooperation, the specialist will draw up a contract.
  3. Opening doors, as a rule, does not take much time – about 15 minutes on average (time and cost depend on the complexity of the tasks and the lock model). If possible, a specialist will open the lock without damaging the door.
  4. After opening, the technician will tell you whether the entire lock needs to be replaced or just the lock cylinder. Usually, the lock can be replaced immediately after opening the lock.