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The State Of Social Selling In 2016

The state of social selling 2016

Social selling continues to be one of the rising stars of the sales industry as large and small businesses continue to incorporate in into their existing processes. But what results are they seeing? How do they go about implementing social tactics? What challenges do they face?

Social networks have become an everyday communication tool that everybody knows that they have to use it, but few know why. Yes, communication in social networks is a good investment and often the first question is – how will the presence of the brand in social networks increase sales results?

It is important to emphasize that the key benefits of communication on social networks generate positive word of mouth, two-way communication, affordable investment and the feedback you get in real time. Numerous studies have shown that people trust the recommendation of friends, and it’s up to you to encourage friends to recommend you. Good communication, presence and interaction with customers in the long run will bring excellent results and the relationship with your customers who need to be constantly nurtured. Benefits of presence on social networks are numerous, from strengthening the visibility of your brand to the successful launch of new products. It is important to determine the goals, strategies and hire experts who can assist you in achieving your goals and improve your social selling.

Take a look at infographic below from SalesForLife that looks at the current state of social selling, including trends, benchmarks and results:

social selling 2016