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2016 Social Media Checklist for Businesses

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Originally created for fun and informal communication, social media largely started to be used for promotion and successful management of a large number of companies. It represent an excellent ground on which companies can create, promote and strengthen brands. As the online business develops, a number of social networks from year to year rises, more and more companies employ community managers who transfer their business and successfully run it on these platforms. Thus, social media have become an indispensable marketing and promotional tool for a successful business.

To be successful in online communities, the choice of social networks on which will be promoted products or services is very important. The target group, as well as the manner and frequency of communication are just some of the elements that determine which social network is suitable for the promotion of a particular business. The interaction is crucial in modern business.

Instead of opening profiles on all social networks, select the few that suits you best. Of course, the desired effect after the opening page on the social network will only be done if you devote enough attention and effort into developing relationships with existing and potential customers. So, we bring you  the most comprehensive social media checklist you’ll find anywhere. Updated for 2016, the simple checklist is easy to use and includes expert best practices that will help you master all of your company’s social media accounts.

Social Media Checklist 2016