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The Future Of SMS Marketing 2024


Technology has affected the development of new forms of marketing communication. Classic media are full of ads. For this reason, the application of traditional forms of communication to new communication channels is really refreshing.

SMS Marketing is still the simplest, quickest and most convenient way to do reach mobile users. You can reach a large number of mobile users at once by a simple SMS marketing campaign, which is one of the main reasons for the use of SMS marketing. But in order to stay interested, your message must be relevant, sent at the appropriate time, interesting and not too frequent to not become boring.

SMS marketing campaign will achieve positive results if:

  • it is permitted by the user
  • if it is the current
  • if it is important
  • if it is directed to the appropriate target group
  • if it is interesting and fun.

SMS marketing features:

  • safe delivery, even if the phone is turned off, the user will receive a message when they turn it on
  • the same message can be sent to one person, the same target group or millions of users
  • messages can be directed to an appropriate and narrowly defined target group
  • messages can be personalized
  • communication provides interactivity.

We must mention that SMS marketing is one of the best and most efficient options to contact customers, especially whilst they are on the move. Although many people now receive emails to their smartphones too, the open rate of a text message still far exceeds the open rate of an email. Below you can find out more about the future of SMS marketing: