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How To Make Google Approve Your Banner Ad

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If you are a beginner in making the banner ads based on the use of pictures or want to improve your display ad, here are a few tips on how to achieve it:

  • Use text, image and color scheme
  • Experiment with different types of banner ads and content designs
  • use templates from gallery ads that Google offers you
  • create your own custom images
  • generate banner ads based on existing text ads

Creating the ideal banner ad

Display ads offer many options, so experiment with different templates, colors, and content to get the best results. You want your ad to stand out! What makes a great display ad? The following are the best tips for creating effective display banner ad. Let’s dive into each of these tips and look at some examples:

Offer a clear call to action, in a button or elsewhere

This is especially important for the ads based on the picture because users may not know which part of the ad is clickable. If in some cases your ad fits perfectly with the site, users may not even realize that it’s an ad! Do not make them guess. Consumers want to know what they can do if they click your ad: “Learn more” or “Buy Now”. Help them figure out what they will get if they click on your ad.

Balanced ad content

Make sure that the ad text and images are balanced within the body of the banner ad and within the overall ad. Check your ad in all available sizes and if necessary resize the image. We recommend that, for best results, follow these guidelines:

  • Images should be clear, resized to fit the ad shape and easily recognizable. Images should not be cut off or unrecognizable.
  • All text should be easily readable and understandable. Lines of text should be complete and make sense. Nothing is stranger than the line of text that is cut off from the rest of the text!

Try out different ideas for ads

Unsure of how to create an ad? Let your creative juices flowing with our suggestions for banner ad templates. Create ads from existing ads and pictures from your website, or customize ad ideas to suit your needs. You can look at Google gallery. Filter by ad format, feature, type, size, industry or country.

Include prices, promotions and special offers

If you have something special, make sure your customers see it. People are usually searching to make a decision about something. Give them what they need to make that decision. The use of terms such as special offers, coupons, discounts, promotional codes and sales is a great way to let people know you’ve offer a good opportunity.

Offer relevant landing page

See page on your site you are connecting with your banner ad, this is called the landing page. Make sure that the ad include a clear call to action that takes viewers directly to the landing page. For example, if your ad text says “Call us” on the landing page be sure to include a phone number of your company. If your ad text says “Current bid”, you should certainly take people to the promotion page.

Test different ad sizes

Create three to four ads per ad group and try different messages with different images. Check out which ad performs best for the user. AdWords can automatically show better-performing ads in the ad group. This prevents speculation based on insights obtained in the experiment, you can go on.

Go mobile!

Show image ads on all types of mobile devices, including smartphones, feature phones and tablets.