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Biggest Social Media Fails Infographic 2013

Most of the social media marketing blogs are teaching you how to become more successful and gain more social media fans. In most cases this information might be very useful if you are planning your social media marketing strategy. However, this time we are sharing fun, ironic and entertaining infographic, which will show you what you shouldn’t do on social media sites. Social Media Fails Infographic of 2013 shows what might happen when things go wrong. Some of these facts might be very well known for you as they were most trending topics at the time they occurred. Here is the list of top 5 social media fails in 2013. Infographic list includes Bing promotion campaign, hacked Burger King Twitter account, Amy’s baking company insult, famous Chrysler tweet and hacked Bank of America Twitter account.Biggest companies in the world do fail on social media and we can learn from their mistakes. Scroll down and see this awesome infographic of the biggest social media fails in 2013. Do you know more facts?Share with us and leave your comments!