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Shocking True Infographic of Fake Social Media Followers

Social Media Infographic – “Fake it to make it “

Social media infographic “Fake it to make it” makes us think of what the real values of social community are. We can’t buy real users loyalty, but we can buy millions of fake social media followers. Is it even possible to reach multi-million social audience without buying a fake social media users?
Check out this awesome infographic and you will be surprised how far our political icons, musicians and actors will go to keep their names on the top of the “most popular” list.
As Infographic reveals, global stars, such as Lady Gaga, Shakira, Oprah or even His excellency mr president Barack Obama, have up to 79% fake followers…If you are willing to join “social elite” , all you need to do is to spend couple of thousands $ and you are “true star”! Prices may vary from 1,750$ for a 1 million twitter users, up to 3100$ for a million views on Youtube.
Infographic explains reasons why people are buying social media followers and how much they cost. Social media infographic shows how can you spot fake users and accounts. Scroll down this great infographic and find out more!