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SEO Mistakes That Should be Avoided in 2015


Google has become more acute, harder to bribe and today gives a lot more attention to detail and small things that make the visitors leave the site. Today you have to be equally willing to listen to the market and the wishes of users. Here are a few SEO mistakes which may affect your success this year.

1. The website is not optimized for mobile devices

Google is definitely a declared “war” to sites that are not optimized for small screens of phones and tablet devices. For just this, and other reasons which include the increase in popularity and statistics indicating that people are much more likely to use mobile devices to surf the Internet, the year 2015 is crucial for this type of optimization.

2. Slow site loading

It would be wrong to sacrifice the speed of the site to add the possibilities (through supplements or optimization). If the server where your site is located has the problem or you have a bad optimized scripts (design, connections) that take resources and thus slowing down the load, the ranking of your site may be called into question. There are two things to consider:

  • Google algorithms which calculate the positioning of the site prefer faster sites
  • Visitors prefer more when searching the contents, that it is available as soon as possible

3. Keywords are not enough

The purpose of keywords is to give a signal to the browser what the content of indexed site is about, while for a complete SEO summation,you need much more. Keywords must be the product of content and only in that form theyare allowed to exist. Highlighted words that are not justified text may bring you harm. Well planned and processed through the content, keywords in combination with indications of social networks (#hashtag) can be good triggers that will attract positive result to your ranking.

4. Poor content, short texts

Search engines love rich content. The final, lower limit of the number of words in the text is 300 words, while the high quality texts are those with more than a thousand words (when it comes to SEO). However, although this search engines are great, the authors often are not machines and is sometimes impossible to write a thousand words for each topic, idea or information. In this case, for such a text you should include no_index option so the search engines stop index it.

5. Ten bad links is still worse than one good link

If you are in a position to choose the links you want to share, choose the best, well-ranked and more akin to that content. Be sure to read and make sure that the content you are sending your customers is complete and useful.

Below you can check infographic with more SEO mistakes that you should avoid in 2015: