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4 Mistakes to Avoid when Brushing Your Baby’s Hair

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Babies are sensitive and need a gentle touch, so does their hair. You cannot just use regular products on them. Therefore, you will find several products in the market with “for children” or “for babies” written on them. There is a complete set of products for babies. It includes a shampoo, body lotion, oil, powder, and a set of towels. You will find it in almost every goo departmental store.

Although a lot of people think that it is just a marketing strategy, it is and is not. Yes, it is a marketing strategy to sell things but you should also know that there are some products that you should not use on baby’s skin. Babies do have sensitive skin and they can be allergic to certain products. Therefore, manufacturers make sure that they use mild ingredients that do not cause any harm to their skin.

But there is another trend in the market, the use of organic products. They are basically harmless and good for everyone. Therefore, if you are using organic products, you can use them on your child too. And if you are specifically looking for organic products for children, you can get them from Bubba Bump.

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While we are at it, let us tell you about a few mistakes that parents make with baby hair. Make sure you do not do so.

1. Worrying too much about hair growth

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One of the mistakes that usually parents make is too much thinking. You cannot make your baby’s hair grow by worrying. Furthermore, he or she is just a small little creature. Why are you so worried about their hair growth?

You must be well-aware of the fact that little babies have very thin and scanty hair. In addition to this, some of them might even show patches on their head. But except for a single reported case, there is no baby who had thick hair upon birth. Therefore, take it as a normal thing.

Usually, parents worry about it a lot and use a variety of products on their baby’s scalp. This won’t do them any good. Instead, it might cause problems for you and your child. Therefore, irrespective of what everyone says, you should take things naturally. All you need to do is to use a mild shampoo and oil their scalp occasionally.


Parents with thin and light hair tend to pay a lot of attention to this factor. This is a natural thing to do because of what they had. They want their child to have thick hair, unlike theirs.

Furthermore, because they had problems with the healthy growth of their hair, they know a lot of titbits too. But what they do not know is that things do not work the same for everyone. For example, you had a hair fall issue so you looked at a lot of home remedies. So now you will apply the same to your kid.

2. Too much brushing

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One of these remedies is brushing your scalp. It surely is an easy trick and is also quite effective. While you brush your scalp, it naturally increases the blood flow in your scalp. This, in turn, provides better nutrition and more oxygen to your scalp. This results in better scalp and hair health.

There is nothing bad here, right?

But wait,

Things are different for children. Although brushing the scalp is a good thing, but too much is not. Remember, excess of everything is bad for you. If you consume too much of a good thing, it will ultimately turn out to be bad for you. Therefore, set limits.

If you want to brush your baby’s hair, take care of these things,

  1. Use a gentle brush, which is specially made for babies.
  2. Use a gentle touch while brushing. Doing it hardly won’t do you any good.
  3. Do brushing once or twice a day and not more than that.

3. Too much oiling

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Another good thing that turned bad is oiling. Oiling is naturally good for hair. It reduces dandruff and provides the necessary moisture to your scalp, which improves hair growth. However, we tend to make mistakes in this regard too. People oil their hair and do not wash it overnight or for days.

This is especially common practice for children. A lot of parents put oil in their children’s hair and shampoo their hair twice or thrice a week. This was a common practice in the last century. However, things are not the same. We have a lot of pollution out there and oil attracts more. So if you have an oily scalp, it will attract more dust. Thus, you will get clogged pores.

This will eventually prevent oxygen to reach your hair follicles, making them weaker. Therefore, you should oil the scalp just 2 or 3 hours before shampooing. If you want to leave it overnight, it is not a problem either because you are not going outside. You will just sleep in your bed. That is why you should do the same for babies too.

4. Using hair accessories

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Mothers tend to use a lot of hair accessories on their girls. They will have clips, headbands ties, and many more things. Although these things look so cute but they should not be over-used. You should do things naturally. If you need to use an accessory, use it occasionally.

For example, you are going to a wedding or a party, you can do so. But if you use them daily, they will be damaging for their hair follicles and roots. As you know baby hairs are weak and scant, they also have weaker roots. So if you tie them tightly, it will cause damage to the scalp.