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Worst Resume Mistakes Job Seekers Can Make

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You can have all the required experience and skills and even look like the best candidate for the future role but, if you make simple sloppy errors and mistakes while writing your resume, or write it in a style that will not be noticed at all, it will in the end cost you the job. People who recruit candidates glance at resumes for about 60 seconds, and if there is something small like a spelling error your application could get discarded. Here are some statistics to lead you in text. Even though recruiters spend about a minute to form an opinion about you, they read it for an average of 3.15 minutes. Out of 5 recruiters, 1 of them will eventually reject someone before even completing the reading of entire resume.

Applicants can sometimes not be honest when talking about the previous roles or jobs they’ve had, actually 5% of them. 10% of people who are trying to find work have applied for more then 50 of them but without even hearing back from someone. Do you wonder what are the most hated cliches in the resumes that recruiters really hate to read? First one is ” I work well under pressure ”, the next one is ” I’m a hard worker ” and third one is ”  I can work independently ”. Make sure you don’t write none of these as it could get your resume rejected. What makes the resume great? Check your written resume at least 3 times before you hand it over, make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes at all and that it’s readable in a smooth way. But don’t just check it yourself, give it to some friend as fresh pair of eyes are better then just one pair.

Keep it as professional as you can. Including photos is not really necessary along with fancy looking fonts as this can only make your resume look unprofessional. Use simpler fonts such as Arial or Calibri. Ensure that resume is long a couple of pages and that your contact details are up to date and correct. Tailor your resume by writing skills and keywords that were in the job advert. You can include some skills that are popular, for example : teamwork, flexibility, technical and computer skills. Make sure that you give details and info of the people who can confirm your experience and skills, as 85% of employers are going to check one of references. You can give details about past jobs by writing name of company, phone number and what job title you had.

Just remember that while it’s very easy to make resume mistakes, it’s super hard to fix that damage when it ends up in employer hands. Preventing this is crucial when you are trying to find a new job or writing first resume ever. Try to follow some of the tips I shared here so you can write the great resume and avoid this pitfalls. If you need some great resume template, check out here.