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SEO Checklist for Website Redesign


Importance of SEO used to be on the margins of business and usually it is performed by an expert in the technique in a separate office of the company and at the same time his activities were not related to the activities of other members of the company. But as the Internet and its role in our lives constantly changing most companies realize that it’s the time for change. In order to company completely fulfill its online presence on the Internet, SEO (optimization) has become an integral part of its online engagement in every field of business.

When you reach the point that you have a website, a major dilemma is where the focus should be directed. Is it to be a “fantastic” design and the experience of visitors or good search engine optimization (SEO). There are multitude of cases where an ingenious, animated design gets completely negative effect on search engine optimization (SEO). Although one would expect that such a design attract more visitors, in reality, you can get quite a counter effect. To make a successful website, it must be successful for the indexing in search engines.

Most designers prefer to avoid SEO to achieve some great “artistic” impression. Whatever things can be different. They just need a good deal with the challenges of optimization and design, match it and it’ll be successful. Often, in recent times, during website redesign, it happens exactly the opposite and come up with worse performance on search engines. So, below you can check SEO Checklist for Website Redesign Infographic: