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Beats by Dr. Dre Infographic – The Headphones Revolution: Facts & Statistics

Audio products company’s “Beats Electronics” success story – phenomena, which recently made technology news headlines.Company build upon the reputations of the Interscope- Geffen-A&M Records chair Jimmy Iovine and rapper, hip-hop producer Andre “Dr. Dre” Young, entered the music industry at a time when technology , music and fashion were truly beginning to intertwine. Beats’ popularity was primarily influenced by it’s viral video marketing practices,branding deals with celebrities, top athletes and increased premium headphones quality. Today, headphones line  “Beats by dr.dre” and red logo “b” is one of the most recognizable headphones brands in the world. Needles to say, $3 billion Apple deal , gain even more recognition and popularity to this premium headphones brand.

Premium Headphones and Wearables Market

There has been many rumors, whether Apple will launch “iWatch” wearable or not, but as we see now, most influential technology company took different direction. Reasons are obvious. Music has always been main Apple’s interest and “iTunes Radio” was (and still is) a total disaster. Spotify and Pandora secured theirs strong positions in the music streaming industry, therefore Apple needed new solution. Beats acquisition seems like a very logical step looking to the future. Beats online music streaming service alone, in the current market situation can not  compete with Spotify and Pandora equally, but now things will change and Beats music streaming service can gain up to xx million subscribers. Smart watches, glasses, wristbands and other wearables conquering market very slowly and that, I believe, was the main reason why Apple chose Beats. Other major factor influenced Apple’s decision to acquire Beats Electronics was the high level of Beats brand recognition and acceptance by consumers. Beats music devices, especially headphones line “Beats by Dr.Dre” , became fashion, style and “coolness” symbol among young consumers. According to NPD Group research, premium headphones market continued to grow throughout 2013, surpassing $1 billion- an increase of 21 percent from 2012. Following this trend we can expect even bigger growth this year.

Headphones who Became an Inspiration in Art, Fashion, Style & Design

I am quite sure, that some of you might seen your favorite musician, celebrity, football or basketball player wearing one of these premium headphones by Beats.

Naomi Cambell wearing “Beats by dr.dre” headphones

Beats by Dr.Dre” became part of fashion and style accessories. Large selection of colors and versatile design made “b” famous and most wanted. “Beats by Dr.Dre” inspired even artist and graphic designers.

“Marilyn by Dre” – author Midou DouDou

Beats by Dr.Dre Infographic – Premium Headphones Facts and Statistics

Premium headphones is the leading niche of the wearables. Market share and sales statistics is a great proof of this. I was quite surprised that I could’t find even a single infographic about Beats headphones or Beats by Dr.Dre products. (If you know any please share in comments). Therefore we decided to create our very own infographic and share it with our readers. Beats by Dr.Dre infographic shows latest facts, statistics,popularity and market dominance of Beats brand. If you like it please share or backlink to us!