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Creative Ways To Reuse Palo Santo Incense Waste

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The “sacred wood” of Palo Santo is one of my favorites. Its sweet and relaxing aroma makes me feel at peace and harmony with everything around me. I often use it in my spiritual ceremonies or just to cleanse my home and body. But what happens when small residues remain that are difficult to ignite? I’ve tried turning them on before and to be honest I’ve burned myself a couple of times trying.

That’s why I decided to find creative and friendly ways to use those little pieces of Palo Santo. That’s a waste for a sacred wood that took over 30 years to grow! So here I bring you some useful ideas to get the most out of your Palo Santo waste.

Transform those pieces of Palo Santo into a natural air freshener

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Take a small cloth bag and place the pieces of wood inside. Add a few drops of Palo Santo essential oil to reinforce the aroma and close the bag with a tie. Place it in your closet, in your car, or anywhere else you want a fresh, aromatic environment.

Create a relaxing bath with the remains of the Palo Santo

Aggregate some pieces of Palo Santo to a cup of hot water and let them rest for a few minutes. Then add the water to your bath. Enjoy the relaxing aroma while you relax in the bathtub.

Natural fertilizer with the residues of the Palo Santo

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Finally, do not forget about mother nature. If you have a garden, plant Palo Santo waste in a pot or in the ground. Palo Santo wood is an excellent natural fertilizer, and its scent also helps repel unwanted insects.

Palo Santo wood is naturally pest repellent and can help protect your plants from unwanted

insects. You can place the remains of Palo Santo in the soil around your plants or make a Palo Santo tea to water your plants.

No more wasting the “sacred wood” of Palo Santo. Now you have many options to give a new use to those little pieces of waste!

In short, there are many ways to use leftover Palo Santo instead of just throwing it away. Whether starting future palos, protecting your plants, doing DIY projects, or sharing with others, Palo Santo leftovers can be very useful and have great spiritual value. For more information on Palo Santo products visit: EcuadorianHands.com

Benefit of palo santo

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Palo Santo, also known as “sacred wood”, is an ancient treasure from Ecuador. This wood is said to have the ability to transmute emotions, relieve tension, and balance energies, making it an essential element in many purifying rituals.

Its sweet and relaxing aroma promotes meditation and induces a sense of peace, which makes it ideal to be used in yoga, reiki and aromatherapy practices. In addition, it is believed that it has aphrodisiac properties, which helps to improve the love and spiritual relationship in couples.

Not only that, but Palo Santo also raises self-esteem, improves mood, and increases the feeling of calm and tranquility at home and in the environments where its aroma is released. It is a natural mosquito repellent, which makes it more recommendable than chemical repellents that affect our skin.

Final Thoughts

Finally, some studies suggest that Palo Santo has antidepressant, diuretic, cleansing, rheumatic and antiseptic properties, thanks to its main component, Limonene, present in an average of 89%.

With all this, it is not difficult to understand why Palo Santo is considered a sacred wood and valued throughout the world for its spiritual and healing properties.