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13 Indoor Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

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Are you envious of someone’s indoor garden? You also pull the look, but you don’t have enough space? Don’t worry!

Here, we bring you the best, easiest, and cheapest indoor garden ideas for small spaces.

So, let’s check them out:

Hanging Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

Vertical herb planters are great for apartment dwellers. Herbs don’t need much from the soil to nurture themselves. So, they make an ideal candidate for a vertical or hanging garden. It takes up no counter space. Your kitchen and dining room are the best areas for your indoor herb garden.

A Tiny DIY Terrarium for Your Table

Create a tiny green universe on your table – dining table, computer table, or any other table in your home – with lovely succulents. These plants are the perfect tenants for a terrarium. They love lights! So, you can put it in a glass jar that acts like a mini greenhouse.

Please note that succulents thrive in bright rooms. But keep them away from direct sunlight. You can put succulents in glass tumblers, jars, and white light bulbs.

Low-Maintenance Sansevieria Garden

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This is a bitter truth, but we all kill (intentionally or unintentionally) many plants by either forgetting them or by smothering them with love. If you want to compensate and are looking for an easy-to-care garden, try a Sansevieria garden.

You’ll love the sheer diversity of plants in this category. They need less maintenance, and most importantly, they clean indoor air.

Upcycled Mason Jars

Have you got unused mason jars in your home? Get creative with them and create your indoor garden without spending much money. Some ideas are:

  • Use as hanging planters
  • Add succulents, some pebbles, and loamy soil to create tabletops
  • Hang mason jars on a wooden board by your kitchen
  • Create a wall garden. For this, all you need is a wooden frame, some empty mason jars, and chicken wire.
  • Got some empty colorful mason jars? Create a small indoor garden by any window in your home.

Sun-Loving Indoor Jungle

Want to refresh your old window treatment with something fresh and clean? Plants never fail to add that extra shade, color, and freshness you might be yearning for.

Simply place some flowering succulents and sun-lover greenery close to your window. Just make sure you keep some sun-sensitive plants in bright but indirect light.

Minimalist Urban Jungle

Want to go minimal? Try fiddle leaf fig or philodendron! These will look awesome and require minimal care.

If you want to highlight the greenery in your minimalist urban jungle, you can get some containers in warm, earthy shades. Then, invest in some minimalist stands to adjust their heights.

Wall of Plant Cuttings

Amass some fresh cuttings of your favorite plants. Then, hand them in a chic wall display. For hanging, you can use mason jars, chicken wire, or anything you feel will go best.

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You can even create a wonderful memory or gallery wall with this. Blend plants’ cuttings and your favorite framed photographs.

You can even mix up nature-inspired wall art. For example, click here to check out colorful peacock wall art ideas that will accentuate the overall look of your indoor wall garden.

Small Terrarium Garden on the Mantle

The mantle is a large and important area in our living rooms. So, you can dress this with botanicals to turn it into a beautiful centerpiece. Bring indoors some small terrarium plants to decorate your mantle with.

A few photo frames, scented candles, and your favorite terrariums are all it takes to create a mini garden on your mantle.

Mini Bonsai Forest Garden

Are you a garden enthusiast with little experience and lots of patience? Then, you’ll love this! Create your own bonsai forest garden in any room in your home. Some best indoor bonsai trees are:

  • Ficus Bonsai
  • Carmona Bonsai
  • Schefflera Bonsai
  • Chinese Elm Bonsai
  • Jade Bonsai
  • Snow Rose Bonsai

Keep in mind that bonsais need a lot of light and proper hydration (not overly). The indoor bonsai garden is for those who are obsessed with plants. Bonsais need special care and a little knowledge to nurture them.

Flowering Houseplants

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Decorate your indoor garden with some lovely and colorful flowering houseplants. They add an instant bright touch to your space. Then, relax! Growing and caring for them is like other indoor plants.

Some best and most beautiful flowering houseplants are:

  • Kalanchoe
  • African Violet
  • Begonias
  • Orchid
  • Peace Lily
  • False Shamrock
  • Amaryllis
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Ixora
  • Geranium
  • Calathea crocata

Indoor Shower Garden

Some plants thrive in a humid environment and a little light. So, your bathroom is the best place for these plants. Just be careful when choosing plants for your bathroom. Consider the three most important factors – high humidity levels, low light, and temperature swings.

Some recommended houseplants that thrive in average bathroom conditions are:

  • Ferns
  • Carnivorous plants
  • Nerve plants
  • Philodendrons
  • Monsteras
  • Orchids
  • Fiddle leaf figs
  • Anthuriums
  • Air plants
  • And most other tropical plants

Christmas Tree Plant Display

When you’re small in space and looking for indoor greenery, a vertical garden often comes to your mind. And a Christmas tree plant display will take up very little floor space while making every plant enjoy enough light.

So, if you’ve got a blank corner in your home, turn it into a nature paradise with your favorite houseplants. It doesn’t have to be Christmas for this!

Your Personalized Green Bedroom

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Are you wondering how to add more colors, peace, and oxygen to your low-lit bedroom? Turn it into your personal mini tropical forest!

They won’t just look good! But indoor plants in your bedroom can also:

  • Boost your mood
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your productivity
  • Naturally, filter air pollutants
  • And, much more

Some of the best houseplants for bedrooms are spider plants, English Ivy, heart leaf philodendron, snake plants, rubber plants, peace lily, and gardenia, to name a few.

You can create a hanging garden in your bedroom, put them on your bed’s end, shelves, windows, or anywhere you want.

As you see, you’ve got a lot of ideas for creating an indoor garden in your small space. So, no excuses! Make your own green sanctuary easily.