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3 Ways to Prepare for a Prostate Orgasm? Why You Need to Get One

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If you have wanted to spice up your sex life, you may have considered stimulating your prostate. You may not be sure if you’ll like it, but maybe you’re in a place where you feel comfortable exploring.

Alternatively, you may have a sex partner who has expressed interest in changing up play to involve your prostate and introducing orgasms in this area. Whether the idea is yours or someone else’s, there are several things you may want to consider before you dive in head or toy first.

You may be interested in purchasing a prostate massager or other toys that might be used for prostate stimulation. But should you get a prostate massager or another type of toy?

What first steps should you consider before you start stimulating and potentially orgasm with a new part of the body? Does it make sense to explore on your own before you get another partner involved in the activity?

You’re in the right place if you have any of these questions and want to learn more about what to expect from your prostate-related experiences. Sex is complicated and personal for many people, and we know what a difference feeling well-informed can make as you head into experimentation.

If you want to learn how to prepare for, what to expect from, and how to achieve a prostate orgasm, please continue reading for our thoughts and guidance.

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How to Prepare for Prostate Play

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If you have been considering prostate play, you should consider a few steps before you start. The very first of these? Spend some time with yourself to determine why you would like to experience pleasure in this way.

There’s nothing inherently wrong about playing with your prostate. However, if your partner or someone else is pressuring you, you’re unlikely to enjoy yourself and have a pleasurable experience. Even if someone else shows enthusiasm, you will still have the ultimate say over what can consensually happen with your body.

1. Cleaning Protocol

Once you’ve determined that you feel comfortable playing in this new way, the physical preparation steps may begin. If you or a sexual partner plan to insert fingers to stimulate your prostate, make sure nails are trimmed and filed down. This will help prevent cuts and other injuries within your rectum.

Before insertion, fingers should also be thoroughly washed and dried. Other insertables, such as a dildo or prostate massager, should also be properly cleaned according to toy care directions and come with a flared base.

Never insert items into the anus without a flared base to ensure safe removal. The receiving partner may consider having a bowel movement and cleaning the area thoroughly before play.

2. Add Lube

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We also recommend generously applying lubricant to the inserted item and the anus. This will also prevent tearing in and around the rectum and increase pleasure for the receiving partner. Please exercise care with lubricants, as some may result in undesirable effects.

Oil-based lubricants may cause disease-preventing condoms to erode, for example. Silicone-based lube may react with silicone-based toys. To prevent all lube-related risks, we recommend using water-based lubricant and reapplying as needed.

3. Optional: Gather Partners and Toys

If you’ve decided to play with your prostate, you may want to consider other variables. Depending on your preferences, you may want to play with one or more sexual partners. This may allow you to focus on pleasure, exercise more flexibility in playable positions, or add comfort.

You may also want to add toys. We do not recommend playing with large toys during your first few sessions, especially if you’ve never been anally penetrated with a toy, penis, or fingers before. This is because your body may not feel comfortable enough to play with larger items.

However, once you gain more experience, you can add many toys to your experience. For pleasuring the prostate, we recommend playing with a dildo with a flared base, butt plug, anal beads, and (our favorite) the prostate massager.

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How to Not Dread a Prostate Orgasm

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A prostate orgasm is not something you should immediately fear. After all, this part of your body is meant to elicit pleasure for you. While this may not be everyone’s favorite sensation, we believe it’s worth the preparation and the experimentation.

This is because, especially if you’ve been considering prostate play, you may find something new that you’ll love to add to your sex routine. And if you decide you don’t care for the feeling, you don’t need to feel obligated to do it again.

Instead of dreading the feeling of a prostate orgasm, most people are concerned with a couple of other aspects of their experience. Namely, people are worried that they won’t orgasm if they expect to or a partner makes this their goal, or they are afraid of the shame associated with liking the feeling.

The shame is most likely a societal pressure for males to act like “men,” “straight,” or something similar. If you are concerned with this, you may want to spend more time with yourself and determine why you’re worried about other people’s opinions or the perceived “loss of masculinity.” This may require speaking with your partner or partners, a therapist, or trusted friends.

If you feel pressured to orgasm the first time you experiment with something new, you are not alone. However, we strongly suggest you try making pleasure your number one goal.

By focusing on having a good time in the experience and letting go of this personal expectation or pressure, you’re far more likely to enjoy yourself. Eventually, you’re also much more likely to reach orgasm. Good luck in your sex journey!