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The Best of the Premium Company Logos

Star Group

In the previous article, you could read about the importance of logos in company business, in this article we emphasize once again about how it’s important, and what makes a good logo.

Logo is a graphical solution that represents a company or brand with identification, information and advertising function. The logo is an important part of the image of each company and is a powerful tool that must be a combination of letters, geometric shapes and images to achieve a strong and striking impact on visitors.

For each client, the logo must communicate positive messages about the company it represents.

Logos created by the 1950s only served to display the print media. Today, the logo must be adapted to the presentation, both on paper and on the web sites, television, 3D, advertisement, black and white combination, small and large format.

What makes a quality logo?

The criteria that could serve as guidelines for the recognition of the quality of the logo are:

  • The logo should be a harmonious, unencumbered by unnecessary elements,
  • Should include elements associated with the operations of the company,
  • Need to properly emphasizes the company name,
  • Should be used to read font that is not in contradiction with the sign of the logo,
  • Must be properly displayed in black and white combination.

Logo is a permanent value of each company. If well designed, it will survive twenty years until the first redesign. Converting complex ideas into its visual essence requires skill, imagination, intuition, technical excellence and experience, and much, much research.

We have selected for you the best of the premium company logos.


Star Group Company Logo

Star Group Company Logo, for multipurpose use. Download here.

Star Group

Tech Company Logo Template

Tech Company Logo Template: Resizable, Vector EPS and Ai, PSD 6250*4167, Color customizable, Fully editable. Download here.

Tech Company Logo-01

Royal Company Logo

Crest with an R inside for Royal Company. Can be used with any company name beginning with R. But the letter can be changed… Full vectors, this logo can be resize without any loose of resolution. The fonts used are in a download file in the package. Download here.




Bird Company Logo

Bird Company Logo. An excellent modern logo suitable for various purposes. 100% Vector, Free Font/ Typeface, easy to edit the text, the slogan, and the colors. Full Instruction and Font Name/Link are provided in README file. Download here.

logo preview



Oil Company Logo

Logo of an oil drop in crest gear. Full vectors, this logo can be easily resize and colors can be changed to fit your project. Flat versions for print also included. The font used is in a download file in the package. Download here.




Global Company Logo Template

A clean and modern globe logo template. This could be used by call centers, BPO Companies, Start-up agencies, Social Media, Marketing, etc. Download here.




Hexa Company Logo Template

Hexa Company Logo Template: Resizable, Vector EPS and Ai, PSD 6250*4167, Color customizable, Fully editable. Download here.

Hexa Company Logo-01



Neo Company Logo Template

Vector logo – Resizable for easy editing – AI, EPS files. Download here.


Renewable Company Logo

Three color version: Color, greyscale and single color. The logo is 100% resizable. You can change text and colors very easy using the named and organized layers that includes the file. Download here.

Renewable Company Logo Preview



Square meter – construction company logo template

This is a professional Designed Logo for sale. Square meter is main measurement in most of the world. The short name is m2 what is seen in logo. So, the logo is made with constructions in mind. Logo suitable for: Construction company, Builders, Mechanics, Roof or flooring professionals, Architects, designers, freelance builders, repair men, services, And a lot of other. Typo is editable, so you could change it, depending on your needs. What you get: Adobe illustrator (.ai) file (cs6), Adobe illustrator (.ai) file (older version “cs”), .eps • .pdf • .png (transparent bg). Download here.