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9 Popular Skin Care Myths You Need to Stop Believing – 2024 Guide

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Numerous skin care advice abounds today – online and offline – and most of them are not good. In fact, not only are these “advice” not good, they can actually be hazardous to your skin and even your health. For this reason, this article considers popular skin care claims that are actually myths and see why they do not hold up. Please note that we may have our unique skincare routine, but are not universal as the myths below claim. So, let’s go banish these myths and allow healthier and better practices to thrive.

1. Wash your face twice Daily

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No, it is not! When it comes to washing the face, overwashing is a thing! Washing the face too much strips it of its natural oils. This in turn can trigger more oily T-zone and spots as your skin seeks to overcompensate for the loss of natural oil. Instead of overwashing, simply cleanse your face thoroughly at night to get rid of dirt and makeup residue, and in the morning, use a refreshing toner.

2. SPF is not needed in the Winter

False. The sun shines every morning, even during the winter. Although the intensity is less on our skin, UVA and UVB rays from the sun still penetrate the ozone layer to reach the earth. So you still need SPF to protect yourself from these rays. Remember, sun protection is the best anti-aging care.

3. No need for Eyes cream in your 20’s

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False again. As early as our early 20’s, the first sign of aging begins to show on our skin. With the skin around the eyes being sensitive to wrinkling and extra thin you should make it a point to replenish this region with hydration to prevent it drying out and wrinkling quicker. Your future wrinkle-free self will be grateful to you now if you invest in even a light refreshing eye cream.

4. Wearing makeup regularly makes you age faster

Not necessarily. In fact, this is not true as long as you thoroughly remove your makeup everyday and follow a consistent cleansing routine.

Makeup, alone, will not make you age faster. What is more, there are numerous double-duty makeup products that actually protect, improve and nourish your skin when you wear them! The problem however lies with you failing to wash your face before going to bed. Then, the makeup, together with the oil, dirt and toxins your skin has collected throughout the day will contribute to cause aging. But as long as you cleanse your face at the end of the day then you can keep wearing all the makeup you want without a worry.

5. You can reduce Pores

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No, you cannot. Pores remain pores and their size can not be reduced. Their visibility on the skin however, can be controlled. When your pores are clean, they are less visible. But if they are clogged up with dirt, your skin will appear patchy. Having a facial or wearing a good mud mask will do the trick.

6. Only products labelled “chemical free” or “natural” are good

Not always. Products with ‘chemicals’ can still be extracted from natural ingredients and are good for any skin type. When it comes down to it, skin type, then personal preference, are the deciding factors when it comes to what products to use. There is no hard evidence that preservatives and parabens are hazardous to the skin. In fact, preservatives are vital to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria and yeast in skin care products and cosmetics. To know what is right for your skin, consult a professional.

7. Oily Skin does not need Moisturizing

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False. Similar to overwashing mentioned above, most cleansers will strip your skin of its natural oils, which you will then need to replace.

Irrespective of your skin type— dry and dehydrated or oily and acne-prone — some form of moisturizer is needed to keep your skin nourished and balanced. The variation lie in the type and quantity of moisturizer your skin requires. Although requiring the least moisture, oily skins still need a moisturizer for skin hydration and nourishment.

However, a shortcut for those with oily skins is to use an oil cleanser from okana.co.nz. It does not alter your skin’s pH; and so no need for additional products.

8. Expensive products work best

Many people feel expensive products are the best for your skin. For many people, high cost equates high quality, but that isn’t always true. The truth is that it depends more on your skin type.

True, expensive products are very well packaged and branded, some cheap products can be equally or even more effective. The trick is not how expensive a product is but how different products work on and affects your skin type. Do not be pushed to buying overpriced products on the basis of some erroneous ideology.

9. Hot showers are good for your skin

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One of the most relaxing things to do after a long day working or time spent in chilling temps might be taking a long, hot shower. While it may feel great at the timet, hot water can rid your skin of essential oils, leaving it looking and feeling dry. Rather than washing up in a hot shower, go for lukewarm water instead. If, for some reason, you need to have hot showers, reduce the amount of time you spend showering.

The list above is not exhaustive. There are still several myths not covered in this article, with new ones springing up everyday. Before you believe any skin care advice, take your time to carefully verify its accuracy. Better yet, always consult a skin care professional, so you do not end up doing your skin more harm than good.