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Breathing Exercises for Weight Loss: Do They Work?

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The struggle with excess weight is more difficult than it may seem to someone who has never fought it. Bystanders seem entitled to give advice on diet or exercise. Unfortunately, bodyweight problems are often related to medical conditions or mental health disorders.

Those who lead this struggle need support and understanding, not condemnation and remembrance. Therefore, the next time you are tempted to comment on something, it is better to keep it quiet. If you are still struggling with excess weight, you will surely find the necessary support from us. That’s why we often write about topics that can help, such as breathing exercises.

According to this article, breathing exercises are real and effective. Of course, we recommend that you stick to the way of eating and exercising that you have already established, and that breathing is your additional ally in the whole process.

And now, it’s time for some interesting facts before we get to the main part:

  • Humans breathe in and out about 20,000 times a day.
  • Breathing burns calories.
  • Correct breathing techniques burn more calories.
  • If you learn to breathe deeply, your body will be supplied with more oxygen.

Of course, you can’t expect magical results, but be prepared to reach your weight loss goals faster and more efficiently than you expected.

Are breathing exercises effective?

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There are several scientific studies that show that practicing these exercises can make the weight loss process easier and more effective. When we breathe properly and deeply, the hormone leptin is released in the body, which regulates appetite and the feeling of satiety.

Also, stress is reduced, and pulse and pressure are stabilized, so food cravings and emotional meals are also reduced. An interesting example is that after a yoga session you do not feel hungry, even though you have performed challenging exercises. The reason for this is that during the entire training you practice proper and deep breathing. Take this example as motivation to practice deep and meditative breathing daily. Already in the first week, you will notice that your appetite decreases and that you can deal with the desire for food much more easily.

What exercises can you do?

It’s truly amazing that the process that keeps us alive can be effective in both improving our vital functions and burning calories faster.

That’s why we suggest several techniques that you can perform daily. We note that many of these types of breathing are also applied in yoga, so that’s enough to know what all the possible benefits are.

1. Deep breathing

Deep breathing fills both the stomach and the lungs. The feeling can be strange at first because we are all used to keeping our stomachs tight. But for this technique, you have to let it soften, that is, be as relaxed as it can be.

So, imagine that you first fill your stomach with air, and then move to your lungs. Hold your breath for a few seconds, then begin to exhale first from your lungs, then from your stomach, until you feel empty. Do this calmly and gradually, so that dizziness does not occur.

2. Alternate nostril breathing

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And this is one of the most applied exercises in yogic breathing. Close one nostril with the help of your fingers. Inhale as deeply as you can, then exhale through the one that was closed. Now take in air through the nostril you previously exhaled, then close it and exhale through the other.

The feeling is wonderful because you are focused on the correct inhalation and exhalation. At the same time, you will notice that the nasal congestion is relieved. This method improves the quality of your sleep, and we all know that a rested body burns more calories than when we are tired. Also, the metabolism is in perfect balance when we sleep well. Well, we can say that the benefits are numerous.

3. Belly breathing

For this exercise, you need to lie on a firm surface. It would be best on the floor. You can use a blanket as a pad if you are not comfortable. Place one hand on the navel and the other on the heart. Inhale through the nose and fill the body with air. Exhale through the mouth. Then repeat the process several times. It would be best to practice this exercise for about 10 minutes during the day.

4. Yogic breathing

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Sit on the floor with your legs crossed or stretched out in front of you. Straighten your back as much as you can. When you inhale, pull your stomach in. Exhalation should be quick, which will relax the abdomen. Repeat the process 10 times.

Benefits of proper breathing

If you are still with us, you may find it strange that we are talking for so long about a process that is reflexive to us and without which we would certainly not be alive. You are right because breathing keeps us alive and helps us regenerate and relax.

Also, breathing exercises reduce cortisol, which is one of the biggest culprits in weight gain. It is a stress hormone that, when elevated, prevents the body from burning calories. In fact, all these processes are so closely related that it seems that only one deviation disturbs the balance of the whole body.

There are also studies that support the theory that deep breathing has an anti-stress effect. Well, you really have nothing to lose if you try to apply the exercises at least a few minutes a day. We are sure that the benefits will disprove your skepticism.



The power of proper breathing is greater than we can imagine. You can always focus on the correct breathing rhythm and make sure that you help the metabolism to normalize and the body burns calories much faster than you expected.

Therefore, whenever you have time, pay at least a little attention to proper breathing. Even the smallest benefit is good for you. And imagine what it would be like if you could use much more of the potential that your body has.