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Debunked: 6 Myths About Strippers

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Stripping and pole dance is becoming a popular norm. Many strip clubs are opening in various towns and estates. However, running such clubs can be a challenging task. Society is reluctant to accept stripping as a career despite being one of the oldest professions. Many people associate the practice with immorality and other aspects.

But for those who have been in an event featuring strippers, they cannot get enough of their entertainment. Their movements and dancing styles are out of the world. Also, they have sweet lies that can make you fall for them, thinking that they will give in easily. These aspects might be the powering gear behind the myths about them.

Maybe, you have a lot of information about strippers. Some of this information is mythical and false. So, here are 6 myths about strippers and pole dancers:

Strippers are drug addicts

Source: unsplash.com

Strippers use drugs, and most of them have a criminal record. Essentially, no one can make their movements and dance half/full naked while sober. Myth is a familiar story you will hear about strippers in your backyard.

Many people believe that strippers use drugs. But this is just a misconception. Stripping is a legit profession that requires soberness. Unlike past decades where strippers had a link with drug use, modern ones are clean individuals. They work out and practice extensively to perfect their dancing styles and movements.

Essentially, many clubs have a thorough drug test process that every stripper must undergo before engaging in their business. So, strippers are sober individuals who do not use any drugs. However, there might be a few elements that are common in every area.

Strip clubs are dangerous dens

If you request someone to accompany you to a strip club, a large number will reject your request. The issue is not them. The myth about the strip club reputation is what you should blame. People believe that strip clubs are criminal dens. They are dangerous places that only criminals should go to. So, everyone will discourage you from visiting them.

In essence, you might lose some friends when they learn that strip clubs are your usual relaxing spaces. This misconception ruins the image of these clubs. But the truth is strip clubs are legit ventures. They operate a legal business, file taxes, and have all necessary licenses.

Also, the owners work hard to ensure that everyone working in their club has zero criminal records. Some even fire employees who commit minor crimes to protect their reputations. As such, strip clubs are no longer dangerous dens. Instead, they are now a haven of safety and out of world entertainment.

Strippers are sex addicts and give in easily

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If you want cheap sex, you should visit a strip club. The Sky Strippers are sex addicts and always easy to win. In particular, the girls will woo you to their cage. Some will require a few coins, and you will have a fantastic moment with them. Since they are sex addicts, they must get someone to sleep with them. So, even if you have no coins, you can wait for a perfect moment to enjoy free sex.

Woe unto you if this is you thinking. Despite dancing naked, strippers are not sex addicts. They are individuals using their skills as a source of income. Even if they seduce you with their exotic movements, they are not after sex.

You will get a slap in your face if you think that strip club is the place to get free or cheap sex. So, don’t think a simple dance will translate into a powerful sex night with a stripper. They do not give in that easy, and some have zero interest in you. It is their job, and they do it perfectly to make enough income.

You must be flexible to be a strip dancer

Everyone joining stripping and pole dance must be flexible. You cannot make exotic movements and dancing styles with a rigid body. If you admire stripping, you must have a flexible body. Otherwise, stay out of the game.

Certainly, flexibility is the heart of strip dancing. But this does not mean you must be flexible to join the game. Like anything else, you can move from being rigid to becoming a flexible person. The secret lies in exercising and consistent practices.

Strip dancers have a series of workouts that help them strengthen, tone, and make their bodies flexible. They engage in lunges, squatting, yoga, resistance exercises that strengthen their body muscles. Also, they try different dancing styles.

All these activities are their daily schedule. As such, you do not need to be flexible to become a strip dancer. All you need is commitment and dedication to different workouts that will tone your body muscles. So, do not let anyone discourage you from working on your passion.

Strippers are people with failed relationships

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Strippers are on a revenge mission. They are individuals who have failed relationships. In essence, who can accept to show off their nakedness to everyone? Only broken people can accept to take up such dirty duties.

Maybe you have heard this myth too. People believe that only broken individuals can turn to strip dancing. This myth is not true. Strippers are individuals using their talents as their source of income. Some of them have stable families and serious relationships. So, do not think that these individuals are suffering from sexual trauma. No. they are working on their profession.

The strip dancers are out to facilitate a rip off business

Some people go to strip clubs with the expectation to go home with a dancer. They think that by paying some coins for several dancing, laps is enough to convince a stripper for a night. When this fails, they start claiming that the strip clubs are out to rip off the attendants.

Well, all you need to know is that strip dancers like are not out for money. Their business is fantasy. If you misinterpret this aspect, you can be ready for a shock. Your money will not win you a night with a dancer.

In a word, when attending a club with strippers, you need to know about these misconceptions. Otherwise, expect some disappointments.