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Biggest SEO myths – infographic


In this article we will write a little about several SEO myths that exist today and the ways with which you can stop wasting your precious time. As with all forms of marketing, it is important to stay up-to-date with new trends. Trends are constantly changing and what is myth today, tomorrow could become a legend, hehe. Do not believe all the SEO myths you see, understand that Internet marketing is more than just a marketing plan because the same Internet marketing has an extremely important significance for sales techniques.

As much as we would like to think that Google sees everything and immediately get us among the top search results, it is not yet possible. The problem are certain tactics that are used today, tactics for which Google will penalize you later. Now a lot more people are using Blackhat SEO tactics which, of course are bad. When the search engines change their algorithms (again), sites that use fewer significant link building tactics will soon appear in the index. So watch what you are doing, especially the first time, because in the end, Google will probably see all, or at least the vast majority.

It would be perfect if  perfectly designed website leads to the top. To do something like this, the only problem would be the people who will very easily try to cheat the system. It is more natural that a website will rank higher, better, if there are more sites that link leads to the same page. Keywords are definitely a big part of SEO optimization, but do not think that’s the only thing that you should use. If we talk about the online store, it is important to have a solid marketing plan if you want your sales increase.

For several years SEO experts believe that the PageRank will most affect to search results. In many cases, some of them have been replaced by a real PageRank value with the toolbar and focused primarily on it to improve its ranking. But PageRank is not the only signal that Google uses. It’s just one of the measures that Google uses in some cases of search has little meaning (news search, local search, …).

SEO is not a process that will bring you results overnight and neither is it a one-time activity. To achieve good results you should invest a lot of time and effort. However, positive results can be seen relatively quickly. Of course, the new web site will be able to immediately take a good position for the high niche, but in a short time could take up good positions in search results for micro-niche.