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5 Most Effective Ways to Get a Last-Minute Date for a Business Event

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It is common for companies to organize various events and gatherings where workers can enjoy a nice dinner, some party, or any other occasion that is not related to work. This is one of the best solutions for effective team building since people can relax and improve the communication between them. It is proven that it can have positive effects on companies’ projects as well.

Moreover, it is not a rare case that workers will have a possibility to bring guests to these events, especially when it comes to partners or spouses. However, it can become awkward for those who are single to attend such events alone.

If you are facing this challenge, you should know that there are different solutions available where you will manage to bring someone to go with you there. Here are the best ways to find a last-minute date for a business event.

1. Hire an Escort

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This is the easiest solution for finding a date for any event. The most common misconception is that escorts are only for intimate relations. It is becoming more popular all over the world to hire this type of assistant.

The interesting fact is that many escorts are interested only in a part where they represent a company to their clients while excluding any sort of intimate relations. It depends on your preferences and what you are looking for.

The great thing is that you can find many women who are well-educated and able to ensure a good appearance, along with the ability follow your story if you want to present an escort as your partner. If you are interested in this solution, check out panamescorte.com

2. Close Friend Can be a Great Solution

It seems like an even simpler option than hiring an escort. However, the biggest challenge is related to your relations with co-workers. If some of them know more details about your private life, there is a chance they also know that person you brought with you is indeed your friend.

Therefore, you have to be sure that no one in the company knows the friend you are bringing so you can avoid embarrassment.  When you are sure about that, this is the perfect option where you and your close friend can have a lot of fun.

3. Try With Dating Platforms

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If you are working at some company for a longer time, chances are great that your colleagues know a lot of your friends. Also, the first option can be risky as well since you cannot be sure if some of your colleagues were using escort services before.

Therefore, a great solution is to try dating sites. There are many options available, and some of the most popular are Tinder, Ok Cupid, Badoo, and more.

It might seem challenging to find a person that would be interested in going to some business event with you because you barely know each other. However, it is important to be relaxed and open to communication. On the other side, it might be interesting for that person to be your plus one on some event.

4. Check Out Local Bars and Nightclubs

We are aware that the situation will become more stressful as the event is getting closer. However, keep in mind that stress will only make it harder to find a date. The key is to appear relaxed and don’t be afraid to make the first move.

In that matter, going to some bar is also a great idea. You can go there with your friends, and the following event can be a great way to start a conversation with someone. You can talk about how boring it might be because you will have to look at all those married people and happy couples while you are single.

Therefore, it can be an interesting topic and a funny way to go on a first date. It might be unconventional, but that might be something unique about you that will make the other person more interested in you as well.

5. A Chance For Something Original

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We all know how most people will set the first date. In most cases, that will be a drink at some bar or dinner in some nice restaurant. People got used to it since there is nothing unique about these options.

On the other hand, calling someone to a special event like a business party might feel strange to the other person, but it is at least quite original, which could be the main reason why the other side might accept your call.

Don’t be afraid to tell the main reason why you are calling her for such an event. Explain that you won’t be comfortable enough there as a single when all other people are going to bring their partners. Your potential companion might find that exciting since that is completely different from common dating options.

The Verdict

As you can see, there is no reason to stress out when there is a party or any other event where your colleagues are going to come with their partners. We understand that going there alone can be boring and stressful since it might be difficult to be a part of common discussions made by couples. Also, there are going to be questions about you and why you are single.

That is the main reason why bringing someone is the best solution. In case you are simply enjoying your single life, asking a friend or hiring an escort are the best options. On the other hand, it can be an original way of asking someone to first date.

There is a special factor of uniqueness that some people might find attractive and that could be the main reason why your date might want someone more with you when the event is over. Still, it is important to be relaxed and confident so you can explain why you are looking for a date for business event in the first place.