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Top Tips When Moving Your Family Cross Country

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There are many reasons why moving to a new place is a one of the most stressful life events you’ll ever face. And now you’re taking this on with your family and perhaps even pets too? We’re here to help you make the process a little easier, avoid common pitfalls and even enjoy your new home much more!

Planning is ALWAYS Key to a Successful Move

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The move process can seem overwhelming, so perhaps you’re avoiding the task list for as long as possible. But you’re only making it more difficult to get vital aspects in place and as a result everything will feel even more complicated. So, get planning!

From getting packing done to booking pet transport Australia pet owners often use, giving yourself enough time is one of the best things you can do for the family. List everything that needs to be done and create a timeline. A visual representation of what needs to happen by which date will prevent your forgetting vital tasks. Knowing what’s coming also tends to lower people’s anxiety.

A plan should incorporate your budget, so your move doesn’t put you under financial pressure. Only spend what your budget allows. For example, if moving your current furniture is cheaper than selling them and buying new pieces in your new location, it’s best to keep what you have for now.

Outsourcing and Resources are Worth the Expense

As you put your plan together, you’ll identify tasks that need to be done and if you can find professionals that help with some of them, it’s usually money well spent. With vendors helping you with difficult tasks like loading heavy furniture onto a truck or handling dog transport over long distances, you can focus on other responsibilities. This makes the overall experience less taxing.

Declutter—Only Move with What You Really Need

Get Organized for moving
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Use the move as an opportunity to downscale and get rid of belongings you don’t really need. This will make it easier to move into your new home, because it will be much simpler to find storage space for everything.

In addition, your new start will feel more organised, so you’ll feel better about the entire experience. As a bonus, if you move with less ‘stuff’ your moving expenses may be lower.

Top tip: if you haven’t used an item in 6 or 12 months, it’s safe to say you won’t miss it once you unpack on the other side.

Implement Expert Packing Advice

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Packing will form a large part of your move preparation and it may take more time than you expect it to. Add the task early on in your timeline, so you don’t create more pressure by having to rush the packing in the last few days leading up to the actual move.

But where to start?

The following packing tips have helped families pack in a more organised fashion that also means you unpack easily in your new home:

  • Take it room by room: Facing one space may seem less overwhelming than trying to pack everything at once. Also, only one section of the house will be disrupted at a time, so it won’t feel as if the move is consuming every part of your life. If you feel overwhelmed, simply walk out and close the door for a while.
  • Ensure easy access to essentials: You may fear that important items will get lost during the move. Whether it’s documents or jewellery, pack them separately so you can easily identify where they are. You may even decide to courier them ahead or take them with you in the car.
  • Label each box: Number the boxes and label them according to the room you’re packing up. This makes it easy to see if all your boxes have been unloaded and you know where to put each one for unpacking, without having to open it first.

Pack Travel Luggage and Boxes Separately

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Travelling to your new home may take a day or two when moving to another state, so take what you’ll need for a comfortable journey. Items to add to your travel bags:

  • Change of clothes
  • Snacks
  • Toiletries
  • Personal documents
  • Documentation about moving companies and pet transportation you may need quick access to
  • Medication

Remember your box of valuables if you don’t want to send it with the moving company.

Have a Wise Travel Plan

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Make the journey as stress-free as possible by planning it properly. Although it’s a great opportunity to make memories and have an adventurous road trip, remember that you’ll be tired from packing and organising. Rather make reservations for accommodation ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll sleep each night.

Top tip: plan the route and only drive short distances at a time, so you don’t end up driving in the dark.

Keep EVERYONE Informed

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A lot of people will need your new address and contact details. Part of your plan should be to update them, such as:

Last Tip: Explore New Surroundings ASAP

Once you arrive you may be tempted to just focus on setting up your new home. But rather get out, explore the area, find dog parks and even meet your neighbours as soon as possible. You’ll feel more relaxed and at home if you start feeling comfortable in the new environment. This will be beneficial to your family’s mental health and their experience of the new space.