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Modern Infographic Templates for Data Visualization

Data Visualization and Infographics

Over the past 50 years, we have developed a new and different world that uses a microprocessors and large computer networks. Digital technologies – from cameras to keyboards, from the sensor to the measurement devices to the collection of countless amounts of data. Computers processes, stores, and presents the data in large quantities. The Internet allows users to access information at high speed and low cost….Society is becoming increasingly complex. Commercial activities provide more and more resources in more places when needed.Most of us are still trying to comprehend the information overload on the basis of representations of the print age, which is more focused on the text over the image. Therefore, there is a real “information overload” risk – delusion focus, giving priority to the irrelevant information. Our ability to provide information in a useful and intelligent way goes down compared to our ability to develop and use the raw data.

Information and data visualization is a big challenge for designers. Data visualization is a process, which reveals useful, easy to understand data insight.It’s a transformation of abstract data into vivid, manipulated forms and shapes.
Human brains are capable visualize, separate, group and analyze objects by color, size, shape and position.
Data visualization such as charts, user manuals, infographics and etc, allows to transcend information to consumer in a totally new way and level, which couldn’t be possible to achieve by using only text or numeric symbols. Visualization is a form of communication, which is universally understood easier than any other language. This explains why infographics as a form of data visualization, became so popular these days. Online newspapers, blogs, magazines or social networks are fulfilled with attractive, informative and most importantly – simple to undestand – infographics. Let’s take a look at this graph showing term “infographics” interest over time on Google:

It would take couple of this post paragraphs to explain in detail growth of the infographics, but above shown visual information makes it easy. Within few seconds you will realize how drastically infographics popularity changed over time.

Infographic design Tools & Software

There are many ways how to combine data and add visual elements to it. Here are the list of most common infographic software used for infographics design:

DeltaGraph (static infographics, data anlysis)
Microsoft Excel (data analysis)
Adobe Illustrator (static infographics)
Microsoft PowerPoint (static and video)
Keynote (static and video)
Adobe after effects (video and motion infographics)
Adobe Flash Professional (video and animation infographics)
Tumult Hype (animation and video infographics)
Sencha Animator (video and motion infographics)

There are also free tools and services available online. Read this article by Amanda Stillwagon here and this article on CreativeBloq

High Quality Infographic Templates

Once you have installed necessary software on your device , you will be ready to create infographics. To make your life easier, experienced graphic designers offering ready to use infographic templates. These templates are suitable for any professional, low budget project. Infographic temlates can be used to promote your website, present data, create video explanation, prepare work related projects or show some interesting facts and statistics. We have selected most recent and trending design templates which would allow you to create awesome and outstanding infographics. These professional templates are not free, but as you already know, custom made infographics cost from 200USD up to 1000+ USD depending on the duration, graphics difficulty level and storyline. Buying infographic template for only 15-35 USD will save you lots of time and most importantly – money. Before purchase you can preview infographics in action.This will make your choice easier as you are able to see complete infographic project and decide which template suits your needs the best.

1.Infographic SEO Powerpoint V.02

This infographic template is perfectly suitable for seo business, seo analysis and statistics presentations or marketing research projects. Specially designed infographic icons and layout makes this template unique. Template is fully editable and all icons, texts and colors can be customized and changed.

You can download this template here

Check out this infographic template in action :

Sociable Powerpoint/Keynote Infographic Template

High quality and modern Powerpoint/Keynote infographic template for social media fatcs, data or analysis presentation. Four color themes, infographic icons, charts unique layout. Best value for a very low price.
download this template here.

See this template in action:

Website Dashboard Presentation Template

Present your website data or make a great promotional video for your website. All elements of this infographic Powerpoint template are editable directly in PowerPoint. No additional software is required. Watch template in action and download it here:

Infographics Master Pack – Adobe AE Infographic template

Each of the 20 unique charts comes with animated titles, easy-to-customize sliders and data entry elements. Perfect for infographic videos, annual reports, corporate or educational videos! All expressions have been universalized for compatibility with languages other than English. Colors are easy to change for all backgrounds, patterns, text, and data layers. Short but detailed video tutorials are available for each graph.
Watch template in action and download it here:

Digital Thinking – Modern Company Explainer – Motion Infographic

Adobe After Effects Project infographic template made for promo for your company, website or product. Professional, well designed and elegant.
Watch template in action and download it here:

Premium Infographics Pack by Techinfographics.com

If you are looking for the best value infographic templates check out our Premium infographics pack for Powerpoint:

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